Who are doomsday preppers so called "experts"

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  1. I would really like to know who those experts who always comment on the people on the show.

    It gets kind of frustrating to hear: Our experts say that the probability of TEOTWAWKI (take your pick here) is highly unlikely or hasn't happened in the modern age (whatever that is).

    I would like to know what their bonifides are.

    Wonder why they always down play the potential for a problem?

    Inquiring minds wanna know, or at least I would.
  2. carly28043

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    The experts who grade the preppers are called Practical Preppers. They are made up of southernprepper1 and engineer775 on Youtube. They were featured on the first episode and replaced the experts they used at the time. They are pretty knowledgeable and quite helpful to those that contact them. The information they give on how likely a scenario is comes from different sources. You have to listen closely, but they usually tell which government agency they got the info from. They have a voice over guy that does all the commentary.
  3. Seawolf1090

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    I'd take any info sourced from FED_Gov with a huge grain of salt........
    After all, THEY are responsible for much of the probable SHTF trouble we Preppers see coming.
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  4. Tikka

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    They are as well read as those who believe reading FMs are the equivalent of Infantry AIT. They look something up and plan an episode around it.

    The experts usually advise avoid conflict which when you consider a fixed position, surrounded by crops and pastures in an avoidance mode is sort of ludicrous.
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    Isn't that the truth.
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  6. Thanks for the Info, I will be looking at them out of curiosity.
  7. wrc223

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    The thing about the "experts" is, it is easy to grade someone from what you see. But how can that be a fair grade if you arent seeing everything?

    If someone were to "grade" my water preps based on what they see stocked, they would give me a D- and tell me to work on getting more water first. What they didnt see was the MANY water options I have and am taking advantage of. Of course I would never spill the beans on my water preps but let me openly say one thing. A few years back we had a terrible ice storm that knocked power out to us for 9 days. The entire 9 days we continued to have hot showers and flushing toilets thanks to a battery, DC motor, and a pump. The same system can be switched to a hand crank unit that will keep the system pressurized.

    Unless of course these preppers are open and transparent about everything (which makes me question their prepper cred or mental acuity because they obviously know nothing of OPSEC.) then I suppose an expert on prepping would be able to accurately judge a persons preps.
  8. carly28043

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    The lack of full disclosure is something the experts are aware of. A while back southernprepper1 posted a video on his you tube channel acknowledging this. He also addressed the reason they chose to do the show.

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    I cant say I am very familiar with the show. I am aware of it and have seen short intervals of a few shows. I am actually a little aprehensive of the show but that is for another thread I guess.
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    I occasionally watch it online. I haven't seen the last few episodes. I tend to learn more looking for what they did wrong. There are many that disagree with the experts. I just think that they often don't get a fair shake. Many assume that the ones grading the preppers are the same ones who extrapolate the likeliness of the scenario occurring. I'm just a little OCD about having the correct facts in a debate.
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    Daffynition of an expert---ex=has been and pert=little squirt.
    Daffynition of a professional....an expert with a briefcase and over 20 miles from home.
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    I would say that is pretty close lol
  13. ghrit

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    And a professional expert would be --?

  14. Alpha Dog

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    But Sea I thought Big Brother only had our best intrest in mind? Thats why they formed FEMA to protect us.[kneelsuckers]
  15. Tikka

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    I would have thought after Katrina educated Big Brother; they would have learned their limitations.
  16. -06

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    The only thing they learned is to come in with a bigger hammer next time. I have never-in my lifetime-seen anything that the gub has done in a common sense manner. They will spend billions of our tax dollars to accomplish a $100 task---and that is no exageration.
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