Who here has a passport ?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by SuperTico, Nov 25, 2008.

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    To Tango3 [lolol] Dude you crack me up!!

    Quantrill, damn, now I have to get my dictionary out! I worked in the ME for 14 years and it was only in the last 4 that I got to where I could speak the lingo pretty decent. But then it was a mix of different dialects. The Egyptian Arabic has a lot of words that are not the same as the Saudi Arabic. Then throw in the oilfield slang and I'm sure I must sound like a real Raghead Redneck.

    I'll post some of the more colorful things I learned out of the public forum. Maybe in the inferno. Or a PM. The "roughnecks" I worked with taught me some of the more racy terms and phrases!
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    just grab a hammer and smash the damm chip then dip your passport in water and let it air dry your good to go... :D
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    I traveled many countries before settling on the U.S. After serving my time with the British Military, I traveled to South Africa, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Greenland, Holland and Russia...of all the places I went, I found South Africa to be the worst in friendliness, though over the years this has changed to some extent.
  4. KAS

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    yepp i got one ... columbia ,Mexico .perue ...

    and kinda brazil /.... I was 10 hours by boat down the amazon river just a few degrees off of the equator.... the locals didnt talk just kinda moned at ya ....

    a few months later i found out were i really was on the nat geo channel... im lucky i made it home !!!!
  5. tacmotusn

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    Who me? I am a galactic traveller. No passport neccessary, just a vivid imagination and some mindbending substances.
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    Wife and kiddies have passports, I haven't needed one yet. (someone has to make the money) Canada and Mexico are the only other places I've been.
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    The Uberlib is the result of a lifetime of believing the wrong things and being certain of them. When a person asks a question which includes an insult, they are a troll and won't last long. If they stay, usually people a Board wants to keep leave.
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    Some people bring happiness wherever they go, others, whenever they go.
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    OP's last visit was Sept 09 --
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    When ever I leave home, My Passport ALWAYS goes with me. It is my Primary form of ID, as it gives the LEAST amount of information, about me to
    those who need to verify Who I am. It only provides a Picture, My Birthday, and that I am a US Citizen, and that is ALL. No Address, no anything else... I only produce a Drivers License, if I am pulled over while Driving, by a LEO, otherwise all they get is my Passport, PERIOD. It confuses many folks, especially LEO's who rarely get a Passport, when they request ID. Many ask," Don't you have a Drivers License?" and my response is, " I am NOT Driving, Sir, and this is all you need to see."
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    I like the passport card kept in a foil packet.
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    I have two passports one issuse by the US and another issused by Ireland because i was married to my wife who was from there and she got me dual citizenship from there .Along with it can be fun when going back to the old county to vist and they start to speak to you in the mother tounge and all you can do is say .yes or no or i want another cookie grandma
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    I got a passport, never went anywhere, and it expired.
  14. Evil

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    I have travel quite a bit through many countries. A tour van with 5 long haired tattooed boys has it's fair share of troubles when crossing boarders. Sadly crossing into Canada was the most invasive. You see the sadder sides of a country when playing in hole in the wall clubs. Even a 3rd world country with it's poverty and filth doesn't disgust me as much as coming home to pampered, spoiled, self entitled, selfish, Americans. People just have no idea how good they have it.
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    Had a passport for many years. First time was a possible biz trip to India that didn't pan out. Some time ago we went to Germany and Italy to visit our daughter and her family ( at that time based at Ramstein AFB. Three weeks each visit and did a lot of exploring by foot, train, bus (locals were incredibly helpful though we did not speak any German at the time), car and cheap plane.

    Of course that was at the peak of the Euro to dollar exchange so it was expensive dining out.
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    Sixty countries, lived abroad 17 years. Bottom of my list is Nigeria and Mexico. Like Europe, Asia/Pacific, East and Southern Africa, a lot of the Middle East. South America is OK and the Caribbean is fun. West Africa sux.
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