Who will die first when TSHTF?

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Seawolf1090, Jan 29, 2011.

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    1st category: old and fat people will die.
    2nd category: welfare recipients, druggies and looters will die.
    3rd category: yuppies and neo-hippies will definitely die.

    and finally, people who wear sunglasses indoors will die. Haha, no. I like this woman.
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    PatriotNurse is good value....her PatriotNurse channel on Youtube is well worth bookmarking. Her Videoclips contain sensible practical information and advice on medical matters likely to be of concern, before, during and after SHTF.
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    My brother-in-law and his wife. Serious techno's I think they use mega watts as opposed to kilowatts.

    grid goes out, fuel runs out (for generator) they will be dead.
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    Interesting. The first time I heard this person was on TSP, Jack Spirko's podcast.

    I totally agree. I "service" a few subsets of the people mentioned in the subsets...

    -the frail elderly needing grid powered oxygen, nebulizers, tube feeding, intraveinous therapy.

    -patients with a blocked or absent intestinal tract, they're on intraveinous nutrition and without a grid powered facility pulling in "just in time" inventoried nutrients from across the country and overseas, they will die within a couple days. During the recent heavy hurricane seasons, we rigged up a generator to run the clean room to produce these products. The refrigerated shelf life of these products are labeled at..... 9 days. You can only live off of dextrose drips for so long. Even now during "good times" there are frequent shortages of amino acids, fats, and electrolytes. Luckily, these folks represent a tiny fraction of the population.

    I remember vigorously attempting to contact these patients / caregivers to make them aware of the possible loss of service, load them up with as much product (and gel-ice packs) as they could reasonably manage, and document contingency plans.
  6. Equilibrium

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    She's a breath of fresh air to me. Thank you so much Seawolf. I'm sharing this with personal friends. I encounter so many women who take the "Scarlet" approach.... only thinking about it tomorrow.... never today.
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    I knew from the title it was PatriotNurse's youtube vid . I sent the link to my mom a few months back and she fully agrees with her .
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    Totally agree with this Video. My wife is the last category .... hmmm my camping gear will be real helpful ..... who says a 30-06 isn't camping gear ?

  9. BAT1

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    There is another group of people I would like to see go...All the corrupt politicians who helped create this nightmare scenario, I hope the druggies tear them apart.
  10. Diddy

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    I wouldn't count out the fat people so fast. They have reserves to live off of that most of don't and won't require as much food to immediately survive.

    To the OP - Patriot Nurse is great. She provides some very good information.
  11. Brokor

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    We're not talking about overweight people here. If you watched the video you would know what "fat people" refers to.

    As for wishing the politicians and all the "bad people" get what they deserve, think again. It's nice to hope sometimes, but this one probably isn't going to happen in many cases. Most of the devout supporters, politicians, judges, corporate execs, doctors, scientists, and various "experts" all have prime real estate a few miles underground in the safety and concealment of some of the world's most advanced bunker cities. Part of the reason why some of them conspire and assist the globalist agenda is so they and their families can be safe for whatever will come. I have no doubt that this is a primary bargaining chip. They could be pitched anything, from threat of alien invasion, to asteroid ELE, nuclear, biological, natural, foreign invasion -the story pitched all depends on the psychological makeup of the individual being recruited.

    The rest of the world? Well, perhaps only Nostradamus knows. [beer]
  12. Disciple

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    Yeah I'm a Overweight person, But my Rifle, my shotgun, and My pistol and the ammo I have for each says differant, what I am stocking up on Says differant. But MOST OF ALL MY FAITH IN MY HEAVENLY FATHER SAYS DIFFERANT,AND MY BIBLE TELLS ME DIFFERANT.
  13. Brokor

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    Different. I know, that word might not be in the Bible. [own2]

    Oh c'mon, you laughed a little bit.
  14. UGRev

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    There's just no other way to express ones' accent in text. Utter wise, I'd be tawkin like dis all da time and yous guys would tink I'm frikking rocky balboa or sumpthin..
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    I don't think that PatriotNurse was referring to people who were moderately overweight for the BMI that they should optimally be. I am about 20Kg above my optimal BMI, but I can fireman's lift a person of similar weight to me over a 100metre course and complete a 15kilometer route march with full combat load within 2hrs-2hr30 mins, and capable of combat agility tests for climbing, jumping, and hauling my arse over walls and similar obstacles. (I am of an age when I registered for national service when Australia had a military commitment in SVN). Weight is not so much the issue, but what that weight represents in not being able to move away from danger and move towards safety.

    PatriotNurse was referring to those who are so morbidly obese that they are incapable of self locomotion without the aid of a motorised vehicle...battery operated scooter or a car or similar conveyance.

    Those who are incapable of walking out of a disaster location, will be at a great disadvantage as far as survival goes, and may end up abandoned, as many were during the Katrina disaster. If someone is so morbidly obese that they are incapable of wiping their own backside after taking a dump...they face a far greater prospect of dying than someone who has no mobility restrictions..

    As far as one's faith in a heavenly father is concerned, I am confident in suggesting that those who were abandoned, died regardless of a faith or lack of faith in a heavenly father...they died because they were incapable of being evacuated simply because of their lack of mobility....the sick, obese, geriatric, and those who were highly dependant on others for their daily functioning died.....they died, even with God watching on.
  16. Equilibrium

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    My bet is over half of adult Americans are overweight and probably a third of our children but I've not checked the stats on that.... anyone ever heard of obesegens? Well, they're added to many of our foods to keep us coming back for more. It's our diet of convenience that's doing us in IMO.... few of us read labels or would even know what to look out for if we did read them.... few of us avoid processed foods and.... seems as if most of us bought into the convenience of fast foods. There was a really good website I ran across on mindful eating and if I can find it again... I'll add it because most folk here would get a lot out of it with all the food stashing going on. It's an eye opener to anyone not familiar with what they're doing to our food and provides some good tips on what to steer clear of. There's also a really good program called 'Processed People' that I think might be available from NetFlix if anyone's interested but heads up.... no CC captioning for anyone else whose hearing impaired. Anywho....there's a big difference between clinically obese and being overweight. She didn't use the term clinically obese but those are the folk I'm sure she's referring to.... the folk who require 1.5 and double wide caskets for traditional burials. My guess is these are the types of folk she was referring to,Burgers as big as dustbin lids, coffins that need cranes, and obese children having heart-attacks - it is the supersized US town causing Jamie Oliver such despair | Mail Online. Get a load of that casket.... it's for real and that segment of our market is growing as more and more crematoriums refuse to "process" the clinically obese.
  17. Falcon15

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    I am pleased to say that since my mid-thirties, I recognized that the food I was buying in the grocery stores was killing me by inches. Margarine is one atom away from plastic, that golden oil in the plastic containers is rancid and has chemicals added to it to keep it smelling "fresh", etc. I lost my excess poundage, put my muscles back into shape, and have completely changes how and what my family eats! Our health is back to almost OPTIMAL. No more allergies, no superfluous illnesses, in fact we have suffered nothing worse than a short-term cold in our house in years. All from eating as close to natural as possible.

    In regards to the op - I want PatriotNurse or one just like her in my group!
  18. Equilibrium

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    Broker> I apologize before I type.... please forgive me for I am about to sin. ;) You said this, "Most of the devout supporters, politicians, judges, corporate execs, doctors, scientists, and various "experts" all have prime real estate a few miles underground in the safety and concealment of some of the world's most advanced bunker cities." I know you painted with broad brush strokes because I'm hoping you know many folk from the health care and scientific communities are figuring out we've been had. Enough to make a difference.... probably not but better late than never.
    Everyone.... please think about the gene banks popping up all over the world compliments of our tax dollar and Senator Rockefeller's drive to "secure" food for the "global community".... they know what's happening to the lands Americans depend upon for survival and I've said it before... I think it's our food and water supply the elite are going for first before they go for a population reduction.
    Please take into consideration what they've allowed to leach into our remaining water supply since this YouTube came out and... I do think we're looking at an EPA that's corrupt and totally incompetent and impotent-
    YouTube - 49 Million Americans have dirty drinking water because of immigration
    Lookie here.... since everyone likes Ventura videos...Nestle Corp's a "stakeholder" in or fresh water from the Great Lakes....gee whiz.... and here they had everyone "believing" it was climate change responsible for the drop in our water tables and droughts....-
    YouTube - Conspiracy Theory w/ Jesse Ventura-1of3 -Worldwide Water Conspiracy
    Lookie here.... another "stakeholder" in our fresh water, T. Boone Pickens. This YouTube's a little dated because more of that fresh water's already going to recharge foreign aquifers-
    YouTube - T. Boone Pickens
    See this YouTube.... those spragg bags that can be connected like railroad box cars that were "developed" as a cheap way of shipping, "water to places where there's not enough to places where there's too much" became a reality a while ago.... while we were sleeping.... and our fresh water is going overseas not to dry areas out west like they originally sold to us-
    YouTube - Spragg BagTM Waterbag Demonstration Voyage
    We need to consider that not all "chosen" supporters are banking on bunkers because.... I think we're all missing one of the elite that's probably flat out planning on bailing ship-
    YouTube - The Bush's Part Of "World Wide Water Conspiracy"
    Think his loyalties lie with Americans or providing a parachute for his family? I doubt seriously if he'll send that fresh water back to the US in spragg bags to recharge our fresh water aquifers that the Chinese and other "developing nations" are being allowed to STEAL from our people>>>>? But maybe.... if the price is right and providing Paraguay left the same eminent domain and bottling "loopholes" in their laws allowing for the removal of their water like we did.
    We may be able to stay alive using bullets but we can't eat or drink them for the long haul.
    Follow the money.... it's all going to support unsustainable population growth in "developing" countries that BigBiotech is providing with GM crops to stave off "starvation and poverty" globally so we can all feel good about being good little "global citizens".... just like the UN wants and it's happening even though we never signed the Kyoto Protocol. We're getting sucked dry. They're robbing us of our fresh water just like they're robbing us of soil fertility all the while buying off rights to pollute the air we breathe while "pretending" cap and trade will save us from the evils of CO². It's eco-terrorism and I don't think it's enough to sign petitions any more. My hope is that all who care and are in a position to do so will try very hard to get involved locally-
    YouTube - Water wars blue gold exposure of red-tape bureaucrats that rape Mother Earth
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    To all those speaking of the Morbidly Obese, Yes I am in fact I am around 440 lbs, as of right now I do have some mobility issues, Partly do to my Wrestling career, I'm getting ready to have my weight loss surgery soon and I'll be getting back in shape as soon as I get healed up from the "laproscopic" procedure. Take about two weeks to get back to normal. I am having the Lapband done and the way I loose weight after surgery I could get 100 lbs off within 2 months, and in 6 months I could be down below 300 lbs and feeling and looking like a war machine, up until about 3 years ago I was benching over 500 lbs and doing 25 lb.dumbell curls and 125 lb. barbell curls, So I know I can get back in great shape within a year and looking like Rambo.

    As far as my faith in my Heavenly father goes, I do read my bible, and I am a firm believer in what his word says, If you want to detract, and Berate my beliefs, Go ahead, all I know Is I'll be praying for you.
  20. Equilibrium

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    Disciple> here's my hand. ;) Please get a second opinion on the lapband surgeries. My very limited experience with them does not place them in a favorable light but.... you are the expert on you and I know you'll make the best decision for you. One quick little story from my personal experiences. I met a woman through an ESL program who was up to over 550#. They bought a swimming pool for her to bathe in during the warmer months. The rest of the year her husband helped her sponge bathe her folds and he lovingly helped her wipe herself after using the potty. One day when she lost her breath trying to change her shirt.... she decided to cut out the coca cola from her life. Within 2 weeks she had lost 20 pounds by drinking water instead of pop. Next she started walking up and down the stairs to her basement. Oh how she struggled. She made it up and down in the morning.... then up and down once in the afternoon.... then before she went to bed. Within a month she had lost another 20 pounds.... from going up and down her own stairs 3x a day. Next month she decided she was cutting out the chips and she started eating carrots. Another 20 pounds. She did it on her own.... I watched the transformation each month as I helped her learn to read and write English. Today she is a lean mean fighting machine at only 250 pounds. She's kept off the weight for 10 years now and.... she's still eating carrots (and other raw veggies) and walking up and down her own stairs. You can do this.... I know you can.... it's going to mean some lifestyle changes so please get support no matter what route you choose.
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