Why can't I follow my own advice

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Radishman, Jun 13, 2018.

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    I recently was re-reading a e-mail I sent to a couple that genuinely seemed like they were stranded here in this not-ideal-city:

    "Hey guys,

    If you are truly stranded but still have your bikes, you need to get out of town. This town is not a place to be stranded. Get that service animal up on a bike and head for any bureau of Land Management land near xxxxxxx; I believe the closest may be down xxxxxxxxxx, xx. BLM land is free to camp on as long as you move your tent every 14 days. You can read the very short pdf they have for rules and regulations on their site; you're looking for the brief set of rules under

    Dispersed Camping in Undeveloped Areas

    Be aware that even though there are multiple lakes in this area it gets extremely hot during the day. You WILL run into rattlesnakes eventually if you head very far into this area. They can be used as food. I have also run into badgers, and other people. I lump both of those in the not-so-friendly category. Avoid trails and bring something you can use to boil water with. Hopefully you're not stranded for more than a couple weeks. Good luck."

    As I was proofreading, I realized I have no plans to follow my own advice. I am in the same city that I told them was not safe to be stranded in, and I had a sudden urge to smack myself upside the head. I'm thinking of turning this into a checklist of sorts that I can come back to once I've solved the various problems that are preventing me from moving. (warning: not so interesting content ahead)

    1. pharmaceuticals - I take two to remain functional and stopping is not an option.
    2. Food - not as much of a problem as it might seem but still takes planning
    3. Water - essential; right now I just have the 3L bladder and some small flasks for liquor
    4. transportation - truck or car
    5. money - I have no passive income atm, only working at the hospital. For the pharmaceuticals alone, I fork out up to 150 clams a month.
    6. wife - refuses to even talk about moving
    7. TBC
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    That is a major issue. If your spouse do not want to relocate then maybe you should start working on bugging in. Many Monkey's are planning on bugging in. Most of us have nowhere to go anyways. Currently the boys and I are discussing having a BOV (bug out vehicle). This BOV would be something we could live in if we needed to get out of town but had nowhere to go.

    Living in the forest would be really difficult. It is easy for a week or so but camping is not easy and if it is winter, your survival just got harder. @DarkLight wrote a good thread So, you're gonna bug out on foot huh? even bugging out on bikes would be hard but you can hitch a baby carrier on the back of your bike and carry more for survival.
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    Sometimes you just have to .......

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  4. Motomom34

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    I would like to know what people do regarding this. Medications are so highly regulated that I do not know how people can prep for this. I have heard to ask your doctor for a 90 day prescription. I have also heard that some people do not take full dosages so that they can set pills aside. We are blessed that our family does not require medications but I know people who do and have no clue what to suggest to them.
  5. BTPost

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    Living out where we do, it is hard. to explain to FlatLand MDs that we need Double the RX that regular folks get, because if it isn’t on hand, it can take two weeks to get an Emergency Rx refill... One of AlaskaChicks MDs just couldn’t grasp the concept of having backup Meds, until she made a video, of our local Bush Pilot doing an Emergency Refill RX AirDrop, because he couldn’t land due to 2” of solid Ice, on the “Road Airplanes land on...” It took one. week just to get the Rx to the Pharmacy in Town, then five more days to get the Meds in, and two days to get a flyable day, and then the AirDrop... The lady MD watched the video, andjust shook her head, and wrote the Script for 180 Days worth.... I have 5 Meds, that are on an Annual Script... plus two that are I for conditions that can pop up anytime, but usually only hit me once or twice a year...So I get 90 Days worth at a time, and 4 Refills, and 90 Days worth of the last two, with 2 refills... Long term. Meds need Preps just like Food & Water....
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    The present population of the US is somewhere around 330 million and the best estimate is that without electricity, fuel, mass manufacture and distribution of food, clothing, medicines, etc, and centralized water and sewage systems, the country could support some where between about 50 million, 1820's level of tech, and 80 million, 1890's level of tech. During the transitional period, if famine, disease, war, invasion, total breakdown of law, etc occur, the population will decrease to some lower level and return to the higher stable level over time. Within days, those in intensive medical care, dependent on medical supplies such as anti rejection drugs, oxygen, dialysis, those in long term care for mental or physical reasons, those in jail for serious crimes, the very young dependent on formula, etc will probably be dead even if the rule of law doesn't break down. Any major city will be uninhabitable within a few days without water or sewage and your starving neighbors will either steal what you have, gangs, groups or individuals, either thru violence or under the rule of law and redistribute your resources, or the disease caused by the human waste and dead bodies will probably do you in. Any wilderness area near any urban area, will be uninhabitable within a few weeks as all game etc will be either gone or too spooked to harvest. The vast majority, perhaps 9 out of 10 aren't going to make it, and those that do are most likely to be members of organized groups. LDS in some western states, Amish and Menonites who would most likely survive as "wards" of some organized group, military units in the more productive areas of the US, those living in areas where the "modern" life does not really exist now, such as rural Alaska. some Indian reservations, some survivalists in semi isolated areas, etc.
    Most of us, not following our own advice, will survive longer than those around us, and our goal should be, at least in my opinion, to have enough resources and skills to survive the worst of the transition and so that the others that do survive will find it in their best interests to keep us alive and part of their group or at least as "wards". Best case scenario's similar to breakdowns in central Europe, South America, etc is the restoration of normal society with out side aid after a period, though the process may like WW1 and WW2 may leave millions dead even without atomic weapons.
    Prepping is in my mind a decent life style even in good times, a major aid in making it thru life's little troubles, loss of job, inflation, recessions, etc, and at least increases the chances of making it thru some larger disruptions. As always in life, all that is certain is death and taxes.
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    It's the old adage that doctors make the worst patient's and mechanics have the worst cars. I'm guilty of not following my own advice at times as well. But I do follow others advice.
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    I learned very young from the mistakes of others .
    There is no need to repeat stupid .
    This does not mean I haven't forgotten a thing or two from time to time, however if given the opportunity to think before doing something , I consider the consequences .
    It is more comforting to drive as though a cop is riding my tail, not being paranoid, just being circumspect ,so that in the event a cop is riding my tail , I have nothing to fear.
    I do my best Not to give advise I don't actually fallow my self .
    If I do give advise it comes from practice , not speculation .
    If I don't give advise, it is because I have no experience to back it up .
    If I have hearsay ( on the word of some one else's experience) I try to make that clear . I.e. I have been told such and such....
    I am accountable for the things I say before God . this is not a matter of faith, it is a matter of our relationship.
    Should I say something untrue, I am reprimanded ,and there are consequences .
    This is a relationship I never want to compromise . He means that much to me .
    Truth to God is a very big deal.
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  9. Asia-Off-Grid

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    Years ago (2014), during my trip stateside, I requested one year of medications to bring back home, The most the doctor would give me, was a 90 day supply. Here in Southeast Asia, no prescription is needed - not in any country where I have resided, anyway. You ca walk up to the counter and buy as much of your medication as you can afford. Typically, I buy my medication (for BP), one year in advance.
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    You forgot to mention that the cost is significantly higher if I needed pain medication I would buy a couple of days worth until I could see a doctor as I remember they were about a quarter each.
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