Why Kill yourelf? Outbreak of Lung Injury Associated with the Use of E-Cigarette, or Vaping, Product

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by HK_User, Jan 14, 2020.

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    I understood it all too well to the tune of 2 1/2 packs / day for about 12 years.
    Then I quit, in 1983. It was one of the few good decisions I've made over my lifetime.
    It's a nasty habit made no better with vaping.
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    In 68 I took emergency leave to bury my Dad who was 54. I knew the cause then. None of us kids ever smoked.
    I returned to make a trip to the Far east and worried like a beat dog if i was going to make the next 22 years.
    No worries, Agent Orange tried and failed.
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    Amazing stuff, powerfully addictive. You're better off having never started.

    I have a close friend who has smoked as long as I have known him, over 30 years. He's 57 now. Won't go to the Dr. for a physical.

    My wife has smoked as long as I have known her, about the same length of time. She had to have the upper lobe of her right lung removed due to cancer several years ago. Still won't quit and smokes about half a pack a day. She's 66, same age as me.

    So, I won't be too surprised if either one or both ....

    I just hope they don't kill me with the second hand smoke first, although they're considerate and they both go outside to light up. Back in the days when I used to frequent the bars and smoking was allowed inside I used to get short of breath before the end of the evening, even though I had already quit smoking years previous.
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    At 74 I'm extremely happy to be alive and have the surgery scars to prove I go to the Docs.
    Agent Orange darn near got me in 2000, I became a Zipper club member. With CABG and a heart attack & two stints in 2015.
    But one day the big nap will come for all of us.
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    No getting around that one. But it's worth procrastinating.
    The key is to enjoy your time between now and then.
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    I thought the lung injuries were due to the product being vaped and not the vaping process itself. I read an article recently that vaping was being tested as a medication delivery system and it had a lot of compelling reasons.

    Most of the injuries involved flavored junk was coming from China and other Asian sources that really didn't care if there were heavy metals or other crap.

    Yeah, nicotine is total crap. Glad I made the decision early on to not go there.
  8. I can identify with all these posts. I lost a sister to lung cancer in the summer of 2006, and my wife to a different type of lung cancer on my birthday in August of 2017. They both smoked WAY too much. (as I said in another post "how little tobacco is not too much?") Why haven't people promoting these products been indicted on murder 1 charges, or negligent homicide, or any other charges that they were responsible for another person's death?
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    All but one of my buddy's that smoked are dead.
    He did quit several year's ago,Thinking hes around 68 or so.
    The regular smokers started kicking off at around 58
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    Most of what I have read says the damage has come from the THC vape fluid, most of it homemade. Vaping isn't new. we have a director here that has been vaping for better than 5 years. His doc has told him he is in good shape, better than if he had stayed on the coughin' nails.
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    Yes sir Tempstar,, that’s what I heard. It puts moisture in your lungs and it grows bacteria.
    As far as charging companies for murder for their products,, I can be split on that idea. People will find their habits no matter what the consequences,, people have known the consequences of cigarettes longer than I’ve been alive ,, damned near 60 years ,,and they’re still doing it. Their life ,, their choice,, is the way I see it. You take that choice away,, there’s another one for them to latch onto. Yes the survivors suffer from their loved ones lost ,,, and I feel for them ,, but I don’t feel sorry for someone that makes the choice knowing the consequences. If I die tonight for making a bad choice,, it’s on me ,, don’t feel sorry for me ,, just use me as an example of what not to do. Everyone in our lives is a teacher of some sort ,, learn from their choices and mistakes,, and your life could be better. If you don’t learn from them,, then you are destined to repeat their lives. We can’t save everyone.
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  12. Re:11. You are absolutely correct. And the dangers of using tobacco has been obvious since at least WWII. That's why the G.I.'s called cigarettes "coffin nails". Been told (several times) I'm quite opinionated, Wife and Daughter both passed away, I don't have anyone to rein me in. Don't really mean to insult or offend anyone. Please allow me a little leeway.
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    ^^^^^^ Ah, for the want of a good Woman^^^^^^^^^
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    It would be interesting to see the studies after they are complete to find out how many are/were previously cigarette smokers. I'd imagine inhaling vapor consistently after smoking cigarettes wouldn't be great, but long term with the chemicals in vape might prove to be pretty nasty. I have seen plenty of boastful millennials yak and yak about how "safe" vaping is, and even on its own there's just no way it can be "good" for you, it doesn't take a genius to see that.

    On the other hand, smoking one or two cigars every day (and not inhaling) is much more pleasurable and not nearly as bad as other forms of receiving your dose of nicotine.
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  16. Re: Gator 45/70 #14. Now you have hurt my feelings.
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    Hahahaha,No,Keep on doing like your doing man !!!
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