Why Mac Sucks - Don't Choose Apple

Discussion in 'GNU/Linux' started by Brokor, May 4, 2017.

  1. Brokor

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    Why does Macintosh SUCK? Where do I start?

    1. Price. Go ahead, research. Apple is way overpriced. You end up getting far less for your money. No low end Mac's for the budget shopper. Pity. Why would anybody pay for an operating system when you can use Linux for free?

    2. Not tech savvy. Sure, they spend most of their money on marketing, but that's because they don't have anything except a shiny image to sell to their hipster clients. Mac is renowned for not being able to keep up with eSATA, HDMI, and have stuck with DVI for so long it's like a Greek tragedy, and the funniest bit is they kept pushing firewire --like that was ever going to work. Please.

    3. Mac OS X is merely a locked down version of open source Linux. Yup, 90% of Mac owners are not only unaware of this, but don’t have a clue what Linux is. Turns out that back in 1996, after Steve Jobs’ short-lived company NeXT stole its OS base from open-source (read: FREE) BSD Unix, it resold the now proprietary OS to Apple which then became OS X. Perhaps if OS X had the flexibility of Linux, or if Mac fanboys didn’t use Linux concepts (i.e. Terminal) as reasons to brag about OS X, there wouldn’t be so much smearing to do. (Warning: do NOT attempt ask any Mac fanboys about this, or they will ignore your question and start babbling about things like Firefox.)

    4. Increasing number of viruses. Gigaom | More Mac Viruses, Similar Sources: Time to Worry? "Oh, but you're wrong. There are no Mac viruses." --Yeah, okay. Why are there no Mac viruses?

    5. Every gamer in the world who actually games (for real) knows Mac is terrible for graphics. Don't believe me? You don't have to. http://gizmodo.com/5177614/mac-pros-priciest-video-card-actually-kinda-sucks-for-gaming

    6. You can't customize Mac like you can Linux. You can barely change options in the Mac OS, let alone customize --unless all you want to do is set your wallpaper to some Indie rock band or your fav movie star...

    7. Good luck upgrading your Mac. Not gonna happen. If you have no idea what I am talking about, try upgrading Ram or your HD which are welded to the motherboard.

    But don't take my word for it! Let's see what the world thinks.

    We've got four reasons why Apple's new MacBook isn't worth your money.
    Mac is irrefutably terrible. - Ars Technica OpenForum
    Why Mac sucks
    25+ year former Mac user says Apple sucks and why • r/MacSucks
    Computer Shopping? 10 Reasons Not to Buy a Mac

    I could do this all day...
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    Oh my.... I wonder if @Brokor is talking to me. :)
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  4. runswithdogs

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    Considering Macs are the only ones that dont comit suicide when around me I think ill stick with them... (Ive actully had a brand new PC set itself on fire the week after I got it...)
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    ya know for the price of that Mac you could have an AR (mebbie 2), plenty of ammo, AND a very nice Linux system...
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    I have an AR-

    But computers/ laptops seem to only last for 3 years then kaput! That is $300 every three years and with every laptop I keep buying these windows new and improved programs. I have no clue how to run my laptop 100%. So Apple though very expensive seem to last quite a long time. I would save on spyware stuff. Plus all those Linux system directions are quite intimidating.
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  7. ghrit

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    One is none --- (The same applies to 'puters, no matter which OS you have.)
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    Windows systems usually only make it three years or so, mostly because Microsoft keeps mangling the OS with patches and forced upgrades. Same with anti-virus - they keep having to devote more and more processing power to protect your system.

    Linux undoes all that. For example Dad wanted a laptop so he could do some web surfing and read email. One of my brothers talked him into an older refurbished laptop that only cost $100 shipped. It came with Windows 7 and ran like a pig. I swapped the hard drive with a SSD I had and put Lubuntu (laptop variant of Ubuntu) on it. The transformation was incredible - it runs rings around my laptop as well as my wife's even though they have multiples of CPU power and memory.

    Linux isn't as bad as it was years ago. I can vouch for Ubuntu for being very friendly to install and easy to use. When I wanted it to do a few things specifically for Dad to make life easier for him all it took was a quick web search to get the answer.

    Squeeze every drop out of that Mac, but consider Linux next time unless you have software needs that can only be done in a Mac environment.
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    I have been on a Mac laptop for years now and never had a problem with it. At least for me, the higher cost is partially offset by a longer useful life. I easily go about 6 years on a Mac vs. 3-4 (and 4 is stretching it) when I was on Windows. Would you rather buy a $1000 computer every six years, or a $500 computer every three years? It's a difference without a distinction.

    3. Who cares about a history lesson and the back-end technology in the operating system? I guess the geeks will care, but for those of us who would rather do things with our computers as opposed to doing things to them, it's not much of a selling point. And I do not at all miss disk defragmenting, registry editing, disk clean-upping, IRQ-setting, driver-updating, restarting, and all the other dicking around that is necessary to keep Windows useable. I just turn my Mac on and go. Other than the (not very frequent) updates from Apple, I don't have to do anything.

    5. This only matters if you're a gamer.

    7. Upgrades only matter if the computer was an underpowered sissy to begin with. The cheap PC's are cheap because they are bare bones boxes. If you want a Cadillac then buy a Cadillac. Don't buy the cheapest Chevy on the lot and hope to turn it into a Cadillac later.

    I never understood the whole Windows-Mac civil war. Use what works for you, Windows, Mac, Linux, Whatever, and leave the other side alone.
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    My laptop is mainly for web surfing, e-mails and talking on line. My desktop has all the windows doc stuff.
  11. Tempstar

    Tempstar Pray for BT

    I've fallen for Raspberry Pi. I have a few including this one. I run Raspbian on most and for web surfing and email they simply can't be beat. This one is velcro'ed to the back of the TV and uses a wireless keyboard. $100 will get you a kit and a wireless keyboard.
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    My studio computers are all Macs except for one PC, I use PCs at work and have several about the house and my reloading shed but My Mac Pro and macbook pros have been doing an exceptional job with music production with far less glitches that I experienced over the years running PCs. As for no up grading? BS. I have added more ram and SSDs to each of my five macs with no problems at all. My Mac Pro has 64 gigs of ram and five hard-drives.
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  13. BTPost

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    We have been a Mac House since BEFORE anyone ever knew there was a Mac.... My Partner was a Alpha Test Site for the Original Mac 128k Fishbowl... and had PreProduction Units to design hardware Expansion Assesories for it and the follow-on 515k MonsterMac, and the MacSE... I HAVE A PILE OF DIFFERENT Mac versions, sitting in my Dry Storage... These days I run an iMac 27" i5 32GB Retina with a TB Fusion Drive and 10TB esata Rotating Storage & I TB SSD.... This sits on my LAN, along with AlaskaChicks 27" iMac i5 32GB, 1TB Rotating Internal Hd, and 5 TB of FireWire 800 external Rotating Stoage... a MacOsx 10.4 Tiger based Server, on a PowerMac G4... a OS X 10.5 Leopard based Server on an Mac Mini... and a OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard based Server on a newer MacMini.... Both my IMac & Alaska Chick's iMac have Windows Virtual Machines that run 2000Pro, & XP FOR winDoz requirements... I also have a pair of Legacy MacBooks Running OSX 10.6 Snow Leopard Duo Core 16 GB and 1TB SSD's for when I travel to the FlatLands... This does not include all the iPods, iTouches, iPads, and iPhones hanging around the place... There is one lowly Gateway 2000 Laptop running XP, I keep around for Legacy. Widoz software...
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  15. Pax Mentis

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    Until about 25 years ago, most Apple machines had soldered RAM and a few basic models have had integrated SSHDs. I am never sure if those who quote these as a feature of modern Macs are ignorant of the changes or just assume everyone else is.
  16. ditch witch

    ditch witch I do stupid crap, so you don't have to

    Yeah, I was thinking the last couple of Macs I had, I added a lot of extra ram and drives to. Haven't had one in about 6 years tho.
    Meanwhile my current PC is 100% un-upgradable. I knew that when I got it, but still an aggravation.
  17. Brokor

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    Okay, so it's the experience game, then. I've had PC's since I was a kid, expensive they were at the time, but my parents bought them and the OS was command line DOS. My first PC was purchased complete from the store with Windows installed (Win ME). I've been building my own ever since. You can always tell a computer USER from somebody who cuts out the middle man when we discuss performance. I've never had a computer "die" on me completely. I have had hard drives crash and go dead, RAM go bad and become useless, power supplies burn out, and a single Pentium II CPU just stop working once. I still have Pentium III PC's that work, and all I need to do is replace parts on any computer. Laptops can be salvaged and sometimes rebuilt at low cost, but I prefer a full personal computer because they are easier to work on. I have used Macs for work, had them routinely freeze so often they were all but useless. I believe the IT guys spent more time integrating them into the Linux servers and trying to make them print and stay functional than anything else. But, every point I listed above are valid, sourced, and well documented. I will concede, the welding of components thus making them non scalable is outdated, and it serves only to show you the thinking process of the company.

    The operating system (OS) is critically important, because both Apple and Microsoft consider themselves to be software companies exclusively. Those are Bill Gates' and Steve Jobs' words, not mine. The future is not paved with computer components alone. Every piece of a computer requires software, the internet requires software, the cloud requires software. The thing we shouldn't ignore is "who controls the licensing of software for the hardware?" You can either remain as a USER, or you can choose to go beyond this consumerist cage and become truly free to create your own computing experience. Only open source can offer you this freedom, whichever you decide to choose. The choice is yours.

    Make your own PC:
    Build Your Own PC (Instructional) | Survival Monkey Forums

    The genius within. Understanding. This isn't about who is "cooler", it's about the fields of technology, invention, innovation, purpose, and substance. If a corporate entity profits from stealing a free set of code from the open source community, it's perfectly valid to question the corporation and their products. One may also find the collective genius of the open source community to be profoundly more beneficial, both economically as well as fundamentally. Perhaps I needed to clarify my purpose -it is not to order or demand others to obey, although I do hope people will at the very least listen and take the time to investigate and question. I am simply explaining a very clear pattern which I can only hope can show with little to no doubt that the future will be quite dark and oppressive if technology and software were to reside solely in the hands of corporations. We can reach any reasonable objective without the hand of corporate entities deciding what we need.
    Or you could build your own and ignore the pre-packaged consumer scam.
    Neither have I --they both equally suck. Both belong to corporate enterprises, and neither fully benefits the free minded individual.

    Linux is freedom. This is the why.
  18. DKR

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    Not to derail the argument - but the Chromebook (Linux based) meme is making great inroads into the current scene.

    Used only for on line stuff, they book in a hurry and run firmware - so virus protection is a simple reboot.

    Just got a Chromebook for my 8 Y/O grandson. It seems the future - like it or not - is heading for the Cloud. Or at least the mfgs seem to think so...
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  19. ghrit

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    As long as they control their little portion of the cloud. What a racket.
  20. stg58

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    Google is selling/giving Chromebooks away dirt cheap to school districts so the kids will be indoctrinated in the Google way and Google mines tons of data.
    During the Google virus scare they disabled all of the school system Chromebook accounts.
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