Why military boots are important to own in bad times

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by RJB, May 13, 2020.

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    If times get tough, you definitely will want a pair of sturdy work boots. Occasionally you may have to dress up nice, but to buy a new pair of shoes for a one day event or weekly church service might be too much. I never really understood the military's obsession with black leather boots and shoe polish until recently.

    Although I prefer going barefooted, I have always had a set of good boots for backpacking, hard work etc. I would usually start off just wearing them as church shoes until they looked dingy or my dingy pair wore out.

    Recently, I bought some Swat Boots. I had not planned to wear them in dirty conditions for a while, but the virus shutdown adversely affected my business. Thankfully a friend hired me to work in his construction business. I had to wear my new boots and was annoyed when I wound up working in mud up to my ankles for a week. I then remembered my time in the Marine Corps, and bought some black kiwi polish. In 30 minutes they were spit shined and actually looked better than new.

    So I bought another pair, covered them in leather conditioner and black polish, and put them up with my preps. In hard times, I figure that I will have sturdy footwear for any occasion.
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    I must confess, I have purchased work boots that will or maybe will fit the first or second generation offspring.
    Not that the kids don't have work boots but most often they show up in street shoes and are hundreds of miles from home.
    Even picked up some insulated goretex Mils. Easy to find in the summer and a must on the ranch in a cold Texas winter.
    Black swan can hit any time.
    Imelda Marcos comes to mind when I check the supply room.
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  3. hot diggity

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    Current military pattern boots will let you move around most military/police/medical compounds without leaving otherwise obvious tracks.
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  4. oil pan 4

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    Most work boots are more like shoes these days.
    Actual military boots last a lot longer.
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  5. Ura-Ki

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    My Last pair of actual combat boots are going on 20 years old now, and while I mostly stopped wearing them in 08, they are still nice and comfortable, still have lots of tread, and will likely out last me!
    I must admit though, outside of required training, and areas we were likely going to get inspected or appear in formation, None of us wore them much, we all had climbing boots, and much preferred them for actual daily use and the grind of going down range daily, we HAD to have the seriousness of climbing boots in order to deal with the day to day we had!
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  6. Brokor

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    The whole concept behind owning quality leather boots with the stitch-down construction such as Goodyear welt, is they can be resoled and re-crafted and last an entire lifetime. The type of boot or shoe can vary widely, from centuries old and proven urban or country footwear, to combat boot varieties. A trade-off to this, is the more modern, throw away footwear that can be worn for up to several years or more in some cases and then tossed into the garbage bin (these are often less expensive as a result). Either approach will suffice depending on your preferences, but the hand crafted quality footwear is typically better quality and more economical in the long run.
    When we consider the effects of economic turbulence, the hand crafted, quality footwear approach is more practical and sound; locating a shoe cobbler who can repair your shoes and boots really isn't too difficult, even these days.
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  7. chelloveck

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    Gotta love leather hobnailed army boots....they are superior 'head kicking' boots....


    Had a couple of pairs of these boots black leather boots when I first started out as a teenage cadet....one pair of spit polished 'parade' boots, and a pair of well polished 'bush' boots. Have army boots of different generations still.


    Vtg '40s AUSTRALIA ARMY Boot, sz 9.5 - Black Leather/Hobnail; WWII Jungle/Combat | #1794352055

    I have a few pairs of these...they are very comfortable and durable....they will outlast me!

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  8. snake6264

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    I wear my 5.11's every work day
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  9. aardbewoner

    aardbewoner judge a human on how he act,not on look and talk.

    Good boots are always great,but i would not want any current military boots, why the are no doubt made in china!
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  10. mysterymet

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    I love my tan converse composite toes boots but they will be retiring soon because they are phasing out tan with the ocp and now we have to wear the coyote brown ones instead.
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  11. Bandit99

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    I wear good stout boots every day of my life, winter and summer. It is a good habit I developed overseas in third-world countries many of which will even harass you for carrying a pocket knife but they never look twice at heavy, steel-toed boots. So, I wear them not only to protect my feet from all the dangerous garbage in the streets but to protect myself also, believe me you can break a shin or knee or etc. fairly easy using these. I also keep an extra new pair in the closet just in case something happens to the ones I am wearing.

    Good boots are just a simple precautionary measure that makes good sense to me.
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  12. fedorthedog

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    I got a local shop where I get the tan army boots for the kids at 10 bucks a pop. They have been great for workign around the place.
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  13. oil pan 4

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    Better have them before you need them.
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  14. DKR

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    Danner mountain boots

    best piece of kit I was ever issued.

    The ALICE large / TA 50 gear that went with sucked big time...for a Zoomie.
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  15. STANGF150

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    About 6 years ago when I started my current place of employment I bought me two new pairs of Timberland steel toed work boots. I still had my old ones from previous place, but they were getting a bit worn out. The reason I bought two pair is I wear one pair one day, the other pair the next day. Rotating them so they get time to dry & air out. Well, after 6 years my mill quit putting the yearly bonus to buy new steel toes in our check & gave us vouchers for an online shoe company instead. With the yearly $ the $300 for the two pair was long since paid back to me. Now my two pair are still in great shape but I used the voucher anyways as it was Free Boots. I bought what i THOUGHT was the exact same same style & kind. Got them & they looked cheaper made & cheaper quality. Took 1 pair out of rotation & started wearing the new ones. Either my old ones were very broken in, or these new ones are not quite like they were presented as. I think they are like Factory Outlet clothes. Aka: Cheaper made versions of the regular products. Glad I didn't spend a dime of my own $$$ on them!
  16. oil pan 4

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    Yes, military style "boots"....
    And maybe a few other "things".
    Maybe we can call them "mobile devices".
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  17. GOG

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    I have different footwear I wear when appropriate at my place and some backup just because.
    Good socks are important too.
    Take care of your feet.
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