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    Deep down, you know that serious crisis preparedness is the wise approach to life in the 21st century. But if you need some factual context to bolster your resolve, have a look at these four longer term trends reflecting growing distress (beyond the simmering brew of near-term economic doom that is now quickly coming to a rolling boil) ...


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    I went to an auction yesterday. One of the items was "everything in the shed". I could see a couple BMX bikes my kids would enjoy so I started bidding when it came up. I could see some other things of use for a feller like me so I didnt mind when I won the biddin and it cost me $145. One of the things in there was a cotton candy machine. I think it will work.

    Why did I tell you that?

    Simple! I have already accepted the fact it WILL happen. When it does, I am gonna sit in a bean bag chair on my roof with a Pint of Guiness, a locked and loaded mag fed weapon, a terrycloth robe, a WWII tailgunner leather helmet with goggles, and a 4'X18" stick of pink cotton candy!!
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    Darn i never took you for a pinko... i always figured you would use a blue cottom candy mix.....;)
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    I'm sure you could sell the candy machine to a maple syrup producer and stock up some some ammo as well.

  5. Harbin

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    This has to be one of the best plans I have ever read. Complete with a visual etched in my mind that I may never get rid of.[applaud]
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  6. SurvivalTech

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    That's so funny man
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