Why the price of 'peak oil' is famine

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    But what about the zero-point modules in atlantis ? Kidding... Seriously though look at the current car motor. Very full of energy losses that can be recovered and used. Hot engine, hot exhaust, hell we even intentionaly shed heat via the radiator. If someone develops a way to recover all this low-grade heat we can boost car efficiency. What is it now currently ? 15% 20% ? There is still space there to boost efficiency five fold.
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    yes the ice is 15% efficient 85% of the energy released is lost as heat and noise( mostly heat) You are correct the ice(internal combustion engine) is incredibly inefficient.[beer].":
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    This is a throw away society
    like cars now you hook up the diagnostic code readerand r&r the "woogy" sensor...if the diagnostic check at the dealer says the controller is smoked you swap it out and send it back for "depot level"board rebuild and repair.
    or repair of motor controllers will become a cottage industry.Joe grease monkey won't need to know any thing about biasing fets, or scrs', pwm, duty cycles,nada.
    Joe grease monkey can't fix FUEL INJECTION now fer chris sakes....
    foral my luddite tendencies fuel injection works .(well).
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    I resemble that remark !!! :) actually there are plenty of us out there that do it the old fashoned way (hands on measurements). I used to do custom turbo instalations and had to work around obd. Some of us still use oscilloscopes to look at spark plug events. You would be surprised how much info the ionization of the spark will tell you about in-cylinder conditions.

    OBD II is a boon for quick replace it diagnostics. But won't tell you squat about why it's failing. For that you need a real understanding of the sensor/process/event and the only way to see those are direct measurements. Although obd II does give a live data stream of current values of individual sensors...... I digress, there are still plenty of us out there that are not throw-away or diagnostic puter dependant.

    Oh yeah I forgot.... fuel injectors.... You can use a scope to look at it's load voltage. If it is sticking, partialy sticking or otherwise out of spec it's waveform will look vastly different from the rest. Likewise if the signal given to it is off spec due to connection corrosion or other issue scope will show that also.
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    Uh didnt you just post how technically overwhelming and unfixable electricars were?"

    Electric cars will require a whole new field of professionals. Current mechanics and electricians lack too much. Current EE (electronic engineers) cost way too much.

    I'm pretty sure hybrids are very modulearized. If something goes wrong you just yank the whole module out and replace. This makes them very expensive to repair.

    you're contradicting yourself again ;stop that or i'll take away your playstation for a month...
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    Hey I never said I could work on electric cars. Hell I'd prob fry myself inside of a week. One time I almost arc welded a wrench and that was with 12v imagine that same mistake with a 600v system ? Lol I wouldn't be here to contradict myself. [booze]
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    :lol: Funny how us monkeys can get off topic. How does maintenance of an electric car relate to famine?
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    perhaps I need to take some leave(I seem to be incredibly easy to be lead around by the nose lately). or justs change my login to "hijack..."
    Eh gringo take this thread toHavanna[​IMG]or the mod gets it
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    Thanks for your words of wisdom. Your contribution to this thread is most impressive.
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    slots....i beleive peak oil is real.not sure when or how .but it is real...becasue the earth IS NOT makeing more oil as of now.sooooo....when does it run out....the best guess by oil industry is in about 40 years..or this is when we see a drastic decrease in easy oil.how does it affect food.look at fertlizer and the chemicals to raise food that come form oil....like weed killers and such.think about this...the world population as whole has increased do to one thing....cheap fert to gorw more food.take it out of the picture...well..less food.so people will starve then/fertlizer has helped the world to overpopulate....period.when farmers can no longer buy fert do to lack of it or lack of return on the cost well..hold on ..its going to be a rough ride.

    heres you an example...my best friend is farmer.he is down sizeing his operation because of costs....mainly do to fertlizer and chemical costs to put out corn.he will no longer be growing out cattle for slaughter.he wil jsut sell weaned calves in fall form his cow/calf herd.his milk herd wil be the only cattle to get silage or any grains do to cost of either growing it or buying it.you can spend same price per pound of feed to put weight on a animal you will get less per pound out of.this is and will affect corn and wheat all over.because.....instead of the high yields of like 200 to 300 bushels per acre harvested...then we go back to pre fertlizer years of something like 80 bushels to the acre.if all this corn land cuts it yields in half...well then there is even more shortage...so the price will be higher then..becuase two markets want he same product....people want food to eat...people want corn for ethanol.it could get real ugly fast if we dont watch out.
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    I believe that this will prove to be a huuuuuugggggggggeeeeeeeee understatement. :shock:

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