Why We Don't Prepare

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by melbo, Oct 21, 2006.

  1. Seawolf1090

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    Far too many folks still expect the FedGov to come riding to the rescue on their FEMA stallions. "Supplies and credit cards for all!"

    The majority of the Sheeple do NOT learn from past disasters. Even those who buy supplies, generators and jugs of water at the start of Hurricane Season (usually right when the first one is approaching!) will nearly always sell the stuff off cheap when the season ends. Then they do it all over again next year! No regard for saving the stuff, or the fact that an extended emergency can happen ANY time!

    A few buddies like having me along on their offroad MC rides - I am always the one carrying water, FAK and tools. Nobody else bothers......
    "Seawolf's got it. Why carry our own?" Gets old though.

    One of my little secret pleasures is motoring down to the local WallyWorld when the hurricane is coming - just to watch the show. Frantic Soccermoms and College kids fighting over canned goods, bottled water and batteries.....
    It's better than the Three Stooges! :D
  2. dragonfly

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    I can only say "I wish I was more of an optimist".
    I have been such a pessimist for so long now, it's a way of life...
    Not that it's a bad thing mind you, but it has a way for making people avoid me or feel uncomfortable around me.
    I try to explain this way:
    It's like you always look for the worst, expect the worst, prepare for the worst....
    When it doesn't happen, it's like Christmas!
    You get all warm and fuzzy inside and no one else knows what the heck your'e smiling about! ( like the old sayng about wetting yourself in a dark suit!)
    It is strange that when something does happen, those that shied away from me, are suddenly there, asking for my help....
    Because they know I was prepared for what could happen.....
    This even applies to family members.
  3. zarraza

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    benadryl is one of those things that we don't think about - i'm glad you brought this to light - I buy Kirkland Benadryl - 400 tablets for less than $4 - so obviously I buy 2! one goes into my stash, the other into the medicine cabinet for day to day use (thus rotating my supply)

    on the "it won't happen to me" or it won't happen in my area - that seems to be the general consensus - even in MY OWN HOME - i'm looked at as ridiculous for getting EXTRA food (mostly for FREE) for a just in case moment - kinda sad when you can't make your S.O. understand that it's better to have and not need (thus throwing away) then to need and not have!
  4. The Expendable

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    DF, I don't think that's being a pessimist. That's being a realist... a disciple of Murphy.

    You say that like it's a bad thing! :)
  5. dragonfly

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    "Due and owing to a lack of interest lately", I took my son aside and questioned him...
    It was an enlightening experience for him!
    Just having graduated from high school, I guess he feels he is now entitled to lay around the house...
    I asked him point-blank, "what will you do IF I die, or are in any way incapacitated tomorrow"?
    He almost passed out in his tracks!
    I asked: "who will pay the bills? Who will drive you around? What IF you get sick or hurt, who will care for you? Who will buy the groceries"?
    He was unable to answer just one of my questions....
    It's all "fun & games", until.......
    I can only hope he wakes up before any of that happens.
  6. The Expendable

    The Expendable Bread and Circus Master

    DF, are you sure we're not related? That sounds like my kids(s). I actually have twins that just graduated. They both want to stay awake all night and sleep all day. It drives me crazy!

    I told them last night that they are getting up early to do yard work. Maybe I can get them back on a somewhat normal schedule.
  7. tacmotusn

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    For Dragonfly and the Expendable, You might consider this. Give them an ultimatum; 1. you got 6 months, get a job now and start paying room and board here. or, get off your lazy butt and make yourself really really useful around here now, or MOVE OUT, before I kick your lazy butt out. Mean it, and do it! When I got my 1st real job, full time in summer, part time during the school year, I was 14, my mother told me since I was living under their roof (my parents), and since I was now working for pay, and doing little in the way of household chores, I would have to pay for room and board. I asked how much? The answer was, half of your net earnings. I thought it was outrageous at the time. Unknown to me, my mother opened a bank account in my name, and later a brokerage account. The money she collected from me.... that I thought was because she was cooking most of my meals, letting me raid the refrigerator, washing my clothes and dirty dishes, etc etc.... was actually building and growing into quite a nest egg. After I truely moved out and got on my own, She turned it all over to me. It amounted to more than $10,000. About 50 percent of the amount was growth from compound interest or stock appreciation. I was shocked , and pleased to say the least! I have tried not to be wasteful with a dollar. I strive to be frugal. I think I have done well with the lessons given to me. Good Luck!! with the young ones.
  8. The Expendable

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    I hear the pitter patter of little footsteps as I type this. They're on their way downstairs. I'm gonna crack the whip on them!
  9. zarraza

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    that's great - this might be the wrong forum to post this, but I read an MSN article that said if a high school student works part time IN THE SUMMER) (and enough to earn at least $2000/ summer) by the time they are done with high school they will have amassed enough money for a cushy retirement with over $1MILLION dollars - of course the assumpbtion was i think 12 % return in a ROTH IRA which might not be feasible any more - but think about that - finishing saving for retirement before the age of 18 - I wish someone would have told me about that possibility!

    I started working when I was 15 - bought my first car before I turned 16 - and have been working at LEAST one job ever since - sometimes 2, 3 or 4 jobs at a time (1 full time and others part time) Washing cars at the car dealer, being a cashier at a grocery store, and managing a front end at an auto parts warehouse (at 20 y.o.) I didn't start working because my parents told me I had to, I started working because I wanted my freedom - my independence (A CAR) those of you that are buying your kids cars should be ashamed of yourselves - they don't earn it, they don't take care of it - regardless of what you say to them !!!!!
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