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    This is also a misinterpretation of Florida’s emergency order law which bans the sale of guns and ammo.The law is for when the sheriff declares, in essence, martial law because of the devastation; not for when the governor declares a state of emergency. You really have to dig into the statutes to find the distinction in the emergency declarations.
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    It has reached the point here in New Hampshire, that while we can buy ammo, no phone or internet and the required back ground checks can't be made and thus a licensed dealer can not sell a gun to you and while it may or may not be legal, if the check system is not operating, you can not buy a gun.

    A day early may waste time and money, but a day late may kill you!
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    :whistle:fat dumb and happy, sittin here on this ammo box with 3 weapons within reach.(y)
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    Guns or butter? What is more important.....
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    And a pirate flag flapping in the wind!!
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    The local Wally Worlds pulled that crap for Katrina stating they were locking everything in vaults.
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    Any excuse.
    Soon they won't sell guns and ammo because it's a cloudy day.
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    This is another reason why we prep:
    Desperation Mounts in Caribbean Islands: ‘All the Food Is Gone’

    This fighting in the streets for food may not be in the United States but it is a very good reminder of what things would look like here if services stopped.
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    There are MANY reasons why I prep - The wife, DD and DS are at the top of that list. I will do what I can however I can to provide for their safety and well being.
    Not being able to buy a gun is not limited to power outages, current weather, etc, depending on your state. In my state, all firearm purchases go through TICS (TN Instant Check System). When I worked at a local gun range, there were more than a few times the system went down. No response = no sale, end of story, don't care if you got a badge or your HCP, that transaction is not finishing. More than once I had to tell customers, "I'm sorry, but I cannot finish this sale at this time, check back tomorrow, maybe their system will be back up". At least is usually was the next day, the group in Nashville got their system back online and processing. In the event of a major storm like Irma or Harvey, I would imagine the system could be down for days, as that would not be a priority to most.
    putting it simply, you cannot and should not wait until the last minute to stock up on your preps.
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