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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by gadinort, Mar 3, 2008.

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    It's a pretty decent list. One thing I would suggest is to have something to cover up the reflective tape or only have it on one side of the backpack. There are situations when you don't want to be seen by the masses. They may want what you have.
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    The reflective tape could be put on a strip of Velcro - the other side on the pack. Pull it off to be stealthier! Or put a piece of camo or dark duct tape over it.
    I keep a "Get Home Bag" in my car, and similar gear on my MC. Still, in the office I do keep a small kit, just in case. I have two bottles of water - tried them today after sitting in a desk drawer for six months - tasted good! Not even stale. We have a large well-stocked First Aid Kit in our cube area, separate from the department-supplied FAK that is on the other side of the building.
    The Wiki list is pretty good - but relies too much on High Visibility. If I have to hoof it home, any route I take is thru some section of town that is a bit 'unsavory'. My main plan is hiking the drainage ditch, staying out of sight as much as possible and moving fast! Home is ten miles for the shortest route - maybe longer if I have to detour. A good day's hike at least!
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    Ten miles and have to go through bad parts of town? Ouch! Not sure it would be my choice of places to get to in much of a crisis since seems the zombies would be there to quick and heavy.
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    It's a good site for the sheeple. Make yourself visible, hydrate, carry a dust mask, etc things like that just make them feel better. It looks like it could be a good starting point. If someone is just getting into the whole survival thing you can point them toward that site as a jumping off point because it does have some good info.
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    Monkeyman, the 'bad parts' are only for the first mile or so, in town. After that, it's 'burbs and rural. And not nearly as bad here as in, say, downtown Detroit!

    The WIKI site is a good starting point for those just beginning to prep - like the Gubermint's preparedness site - not great, too generalized, but it gets them started.
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    I think I might point my girl in the direction of this site. It might give her a less "Crazy" perspective on the bugging out idea.
    Next need her to realize that the government is not Always our Friend.
    Got my laundry list for her...
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