WILDWOOD WISDOM By Author Ellsworth Jaeger

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    wildernessgal Backwoods is a callin'

    This book is AWESOME for sure!


    I would've never heard of it, if it weren't for meeting my most lovely husband one lucky day, many moons ago! (***Thankyou to my most wonderful hubbie I LOVE YOU!***)

    But anyway where was I ???? ( One needs to remember to say your YOUR THANKYOU'S ya know! he,he)

    Oh yes, what an AWESOME BOOK for the Survivalist! A Survivalist who plans on having a successful future should go beyond the BOB, & etc. they should master all of the wild plants, wild edibles/foodstuffs, & other outdoor skills in case the world never goes back to buy buy buy at the store store store, and be a good good good little $consumer$ forever scenario.... That's one thing I've never understood about many so-called-survivalists who only stockpile storeboughten stuff and think they are good to go with their MRE'S & etc!? :eek: Now how could one like that truly feel secure....that is ONLY SHORT TERM/TEMPORARY! WHAT THE H*LL WILL YA DO FOR YOURSELF ONCE IT'S ALL GONE??? Ya need SURVIVAL SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE TO SURVIVE that's what... and a do-it-yourself non-lazy attitude!!!!

    But anyway, this book is beyond INCREDIBLEl/chock full of info. which is beyond useful for anyone who wants to "better themselves".

    We've got an older hardback book version, which is so much stronger than the new flimsey paperback. If you go here you can find 'em....


    Here's a BOOK DESCRIPTION /BOOK REVIEWS on it below:

    / Book Description for ISBN 0936070129 /

    This historical guide, originally written in 1945, includes information on making fires, canoeing, using axes and knives, and crafting shelters from hand-gathered materials. Readers also learn about clothing, gear, and useful plants. This book also is an account of life in the 1800s, when survival in the wild depended on one's skill and ingenuity.

    / Reader Reviews of Wildwood Wisdom /

    ***** GREAT BOOK 2007-10-07

    ***** The BEST
    This book was my introduction to outdoor skills. I thought I'd order myself a copy after all these years for sentimental reasons, for some reason I remembered it being kinda hokey. Well I got it and it isn't hokey at all. I love this book. Taught me many things back when, taught me more things just now.

    ***** The best outdoor book ever written. period.
    My dad put a first-edition copy of this book in my hands when I was in first grade. It taught me to read. I still read it regularly. I have 15-20' of outdoors, camping, Scouting, hunting, survival and edible wild plant books on my shelf. This one book outshines them all. I bought copies of this book for each of my sons the week they were born, and have found copies for each Eagle Scout produced by our troop. If you want to understand wood lore and camp craft from a master, who collected it for a lifetime in the first decades of the last century, this is a masterpiece. Some of the first aid stuff is outdated, but things from canoe design, crafting your own primitive camping equipment to edible plants are written in a wonderfully winsome manner. Particularly if you wonder how people camped and canoed before we had all the high-tech junk we drag around today, this book will amaze you. Fresh every time I read it.

    ***** Diagrams to please

    This book is very informative. It touches upon all aspects of survival in the woods. Starting with basics of shelter and the finer details including furniture and tools.
    There are many diagrams with patterns and measurements to follow which are easy to duplicate. The techniques in this book would be excellent in teaching a survival class to youth or adults.
    There are also many nature craft ideas coming from the Native American background. These ideas would do well in a cultural art class. I have had the chance to see this book in a previous print which was very old. The newer version is quite like the old one and proves to be just as good.

    ***** Wildwood Wisdom
    This is the first book I took out of a library c.1952. It is still pivitol in the way I think and do things. Jaeger is most entertaining and inspiring. His illustrations are magic. This is the ultimate book on making things for the right reasons.

    If ya get yourself a copy, ENJOY & HAPPY READING!!!!

    (Who absolutely LOVES this book!!!)
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    SeptemberMage LaMOE Monkey

    I'm adding this to the "need to have list" Thanks W
  3. wildernessgal

    wildernessgal Backwoods is a callin'

    ***APPLAUDS*** It's such a goodie/must have! :)Enjoy!

    (who thanks her hubbie for introducing her to it, as he's had it since he was a wee-bitty lil' boy....)
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