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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by 3M-TA3, Nov 14, 2015.

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    I've finally hit the point where it's time to start sealing up the bulk beans, rice, and other sundries I've been buying up. I've read that WinCo carries storage supplies, but my local store does not so I figured I'd be buying on-line. Today I was shopping at another area WinCo, and lo and behold they carry the storage supplies there. Not only do they carry them, but they turned out to be very price competitive as well.

    5 gallon buckets: $4.88 each
    Lids with seal: $1.68
    Mylar bags:12 for $14.78 works out to $1.23 each
    Oxygen absorbers: Bag of 50 for $5.07 or about $.10 each.
    Plastic bucket wrench: $1.88 ​

    They also had gamma lids in assorted colors for I think about $7 each. The quality of all items looks to be very good. The only possible negative is that the oxygen absorbers don't have the built in indicators, but if that's a deal breaker you can still get them on line.

    BTW - Not affiliated in any way with WinCo
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    I would also suggest that if you're the person who has to put a little aside at a time, buying an extra bag of rice and beans here and there at Winco is a pretty good deal. You can scout better sale prices, but if you're not going to clip coupons and haunt sales, I'd say Winco is your place.
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    Excellent point @Seepalaces . I've also been hitting up the local restaurant supply places like Cash and Carry that are open to the general public.
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    Are you talking about the one in Medford or somewhere else?
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    I think I'm pretty spoiled. I picked up canning because it's actually very easy to get your hands on inexpensive fruit and such out here. There's a group that farmers contact to let people come through their fields and get rid of the end of the season. You give half to the local food share and you keep half. It's pretty awesome.
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    Back in the Day, when I lived in Washington State, Alaskachick and I would go over by Yakima, and visit an Old Friend, who inherited a Pear Farm, from his GrandPa.... He had a Mexican foreman who ran the place for him, and we were allowed to go thru the Fields and pick up, the Fruit, left over after the Main Harvest. We canned a couple of hundred Pounds of Pears, every Fall, for a Decade. To this day, my children will NOT eat Pears... Oh well, Unintended Consequences.... The same is true for Captan Crunch Cereal. Alaskachick bought a 10# Bag, for Kid Snacks, while driving the AlCan to Alaska, one Spring.... Ever since, our children can't stand the smell, let alone actually EAT, any of that Make of Cereal....
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    East of Pyongyang on US 26. If they have them they will be in the bulk foods section At the one I bought mine at, the buckets and lids were at one side of the bulk food section, and the bags, oxygen absorbers and tools were at the other. You can ask at your local store if you don't see them - they might be willing to order them if they don't carry them.
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    Oooh, I'd love one, too. Bulk discount?
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