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  1. Been a bit busy on the homestead lately getting everything ready for winter. Propane tank is filled up to 80% (below ground tank and they still won't fill above 80% because of expansion). Oil lamps are ready with wicks trimmed and oil stocked, been cleaning out ditches of leaves and sticks and blowing leaves off the drive. Also been getting preps for when we get snow, if it's as bad as last year. I bought a set of snowshoes for $20 including shipping (aluminim construction with bindings) and I'm looking at getting a pair to keep in the truck (maybe a set of French snowshoes $20 plus shipping). I'm swapping out the warm weather GHB for the winter one (it's heavier but it's an internal frame pack, good cold weather bag, foam pad, polypro tops and bottoms, and good wool socks). Plus food heavy in fats and carbs. Rucking in the snow is my worst case scenario, I would much rather just drop the Taco in 4wd and drive on, but just in case I have another means to get home. I'm looking at getting a couple of sleds to use both on the property as well as have in the truck for carrying equipment (yeah equipment, lol). I always have gloves and a balacava in the truck, a poly pro gaiter, and a fleece vest in addition to my Carhart knock off coat. Having been in the Marines and having worked in cold locations, I prefer to stay warm. So have you guys and ladies swapped over yet?
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  2. HK_User

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    Always in process of switching weather seasons as well as fire seasons and hail season.
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  3. BenP

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    I have been cutting firewood with my neighbors, we have a pretty good jump on winter but still have some wood to cut.

    We had a drought this summer and did not get enough hay so I have purchased enough to get the cows through the winter. They got out of their designated fields and are currently eating the remaining hay out of the hay field. It is probably for the best so I don't have to bale it but that area is a sort of DMZ between my cows and the neighbors cows. There is a fence between them but where there is a will there is a way so I will keep a close eye on them every day until they grass is gone then I will move them back to their designated area. I filled up all the mineral feeders Monday, the mud will be here soon and they will be more difficult to access.

    The propane tank still showed full last time I checked, I need to get out there and check it again. We only use propane for the cook stove and we have a 320 gallon tank so it should last us a few years.

    Now that we do not need to run the AC we have power to waste so yesterday I changed our little mini split to put out heat instead of cool. The house is concrete and earth bermed so it is still holding the heat from the summer we have not had to run the wood stove yet. The indoor temperature varies from 69-70 while the outdoor temperature varies from 34-74.

    I put a light jacket in the truck just in case I get stuck somewhere and I need to replace my wipers since the rain has arrived.
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  4. Bandit99

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    Yes, we started 2 months ago getting ready and I can say we're almost there...maybe.

    We do things like fill the propane tank, firewood (that's a spring/summer constant job as I keep at least 10 cords drying all the time), cleaned the woodstove chimney, purchased some new heavy clothes and gloves and checked out our boots, dosed the spare gas, test the generator and its gas, on and on... I still need to flush the water heater which I can't seem to remember to do...there is always more to do.

    I was just reading about the floods that ruin the corn and soybean crop (and more) in the Spring/Summer and now the early snow in many places which will cause a shortage in the coming years. We intended to sit this evening and see what extra we need to put away, already got double the flour, sugar and rice that we normal store but think the repercussion of this will be more than an increase in prices and availability, I think it will affect almost all food so...

    Good idea about the snow shoes! I have been meaning to pick up a pair and forgot! Thanks!

    EDIT: Oh! And, I give all the guns a quick oiling just to be sure. I really don't need to do so here but better safe than sorry...
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  5. Ura-Ki

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    Swapped tracks on the Tucker to the full on ice grousers, treated the tanks and mixed the Jet-A, put a charge on all batteries, and a trickle charger on the cats to be ready! Had snows already, but there all but gone, expecting more this weekend, and were ready!
    Gennies are fueled and set, and the heat is set to "Winter Mode" And all outbuildings are closed up and secured. Only thing I don't winterize is the plane, as I use it pretty frequently! ELk season is just around the corner and we have two tags to fill, and in between now and then, we also have two deer tags, so if we do good, that should see us set for the red meats the rest of the year!
    I'm thinkin this winter is going to be a brutal one, so planned accordingly, have the wood curing shed full up with 12 cords and two under the porch ready to go!
  6. Seawolf1090

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    I'll have to switch from short sleeve shirts to long sleeve, and break out the sweaters. ;)
  7. Seacowboys

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    yep, got my tennis shoes ready to swap for flip-flops, T-shirts are clean and ready for bitter winter weather, and my straw stetson will get swapped for a felt one sooner or later.
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  8. Gator 45/70

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    Same here,Shorts and flip-flop day or
    Long pants and socks optional.
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  9. BTPost

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    AlaskaChick finished splitting & stacking next winter’s firewood, into our two woodshed... She was set for this winter, already, but it feels real good to have next winter’s wood stored and drying... She winterized the Brown Cabin, after it got down to 27F last week... I made two trips a day up to the place to move the loaded split wood trailer from the log splitter to the woodsheds, with the Rhino...and I would bring up a jug of gasoline every other day for the log splitter... She left for Seattle, on todays mail-plane to get her MD appointments taken care of for the winter... Going to be lonely around here for two weeks... But, Hey... It is just the way of the world... Some things just need to get done...
  10. Thunder5Ranch

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    Cutting down some dead oaks on the pasture edge Figure I will have 35-36 cords when done cutting and splitting it. Some pretty good sized in the 75'-80' long trunks and 30"-46" diameter. Crowns limbs will be this winters firewood, trunks still too wet to season enough for this winters burning. Should probably have ran the 36" and under through the sawmill for lumber but really need to rebuild my fire wood reserves. I like to keep 5 years worth in a barn and 1-2 years worth in outside cords under tarps.

    Just bringing up in the tractor bucket to split later, this pile is the first two trees trunks to come out Only 17 more trees to go :)
    Have not brought much of the cut up limbs up yet, moisture is low enough in these to just split and burn.

    Broke down and bought a couple of new husqvarna saw last week. Stihl just ain't cutting it for me. Have not even dulled a chain on the brand new Stihl 391 and it has need 3 major repairs. Now it needs a new coil. The Husqvarn's have been working 3 days straight now. Should have just bought two new 460 Husq Ranchers when I finally totally ragged to last two out after 10 and 12 years of hard work and abuse.

    On of the 30" trees I dropped this morning. She was a heavy one that made the ground shake when she hit.
    LOng view of it , already cut 10' off before I took the pic. LOL judged that one just right...... fell about 6" short of the hog feeder. Still torn on making lumber or fire wood. This one with all the knots would have made some real pretty 1X wall boards. Also make some very good long burning fire wood LOL.


    Don't know how many cords I will will get out of the crowns of all these trees, enough for this winter and probably next. The trees have been dead two years now so all the little brush is long gone. The limbs are dry and getting brittle but still very dense and good fire wood. I let the Bull and Cows kill these trees intentionally by rubbing the bark off around the base with their horns. After two years standing dead all the little brush drops and rots and I am left with nothing but fire wood and or mill logs. Saves me from having to drag brush. And I wanted to make this section of pasture full sun.

    Have my 100# propane tanks and 20# tanks filled, always fill them up after every show during the market and event season. Will empty the 100# tanks all out over the winter heating the commercial kitchen. Even though it does not get much use over winter gotta keep it warm or the pipes will freeze. I use the 20# tanks in the cabin for morning when I was too lazy to get up and put more wood in the stove, I think we have 18 of them now and I will make it a point to empty them as well and refill in the spring to start fresh.

    Checked the insulation and heat tape on the outside pipes and hydrants. Learned the hard way frost proof hydrants will freeze when it gets cold enough a long time ago.

    Opened up the chest with the carharts, sweaters and heavy socks and made sure my ass didn't get to fat to fit in the carharts. A bit snug but workable :)

    Did the fall office cleaning. I keep a few weapons on the office wall and they collect a bit of dust over the summer so I break them down and give them a good cleaning and oil job. The cable goes through the trigger guards and if cut or removed with out deactivating the system from a different location sets off the alarms. For those wondering top to bottom Remington 700 in .300winmag, Galil in 5.56, Marlin 926 .22mag, H &R Single shot 20gauge, Reminton .22LR , Rock Island 200 .38+p, And my most lethal weapon MY FLY SWATTER! Wife was getting annoyed with guns on every wall and in every corner of the cabin....... So I spread them around and keep a reasonable number in the cabin. Anyway they ALL get broke down cleaned and oiled between now and the end of November every year. Check the oil lamps and lanterns making sure all have good wicks, mantles and not dry rot in the O rings and seals on the lanterns. Restock batteries for flashlights and radios. Open up the solar combiner box and make sure no mud dobbers got in and filled them up with clay nest. Check all the connection, check the outside cables for wear or breakdown. Run the test on the charge controller, test the batteries, load test the inverters. Make sure the heat strips on the panels are working (Melts ice off pretty fast when needed), Test all of the 12 volt back up fans and lights. Strip test stored fuel to make sure it is viable. Just pretty much check and test everything top to bottom from anti freeze to Zareba fence chargers. I promise if I don't check, test and clean stuff that will be when it fails when I need it :)

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  11. BenP

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    The Husqvarna Rancher is a bullet proof saw. My dad has had the same one since I was a kid. I bought one about 15 years ago and eventually sold it to my neighbor and bought a Husqvarna 576. My neighbor still uses my old Rancher. The few extra CCs you get with the 576 are not worth the 2 extra pounds of weight.
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  12. Thunder5Ranch

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    Just using my own experience the 460 rancher is the best small farm/property owner saw out there. They start easy, run strong and cut wood sun up to sun down. That little 120 with a 14" bar is proving to be a hell of a little saw as well. Like holding a feather and much easier to to the small wood work with. Always used the Grey Echo 10" bar top trigger saws for small saws. (used to have a landscape company and tree removal and trimming service) Always felt a lot better in the bucket truck or hanging in a tree with those little echo saws. I would take the little 120 up in a tree. Not that I will ever being going up in trees again...... that is a game best left to young men :)
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  13. GOG

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    We're stacking and tarping firewood, mostly Madrone and some fir.
    I hopefully repaired a major roof leak.
    The gas cans are full with hi-test non ethanol gas.
    We could use a bit more kerosene, but we're close.

    I'm trying to finish the interior remodel before the holidays and it looks like that will get accomplished.

    Truck's serviced, tires are good, but I have to reset the Bob's for Winter.

    So far, so good.
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  14. Seacowboys

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    My Husky saw got left with a bunch of idiots that worked for me and now has no compression, can't start it and the weight of the saw will over-come compression holding the starter cord. Grrrrrr,
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  15. Waydah

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    I'm about ready to begin wearing socks with the flip-flops. Ha! I wish! No such luck. Forecast this winter calls for more snow although 8" at a time is a lot for us. I stay fairly prepared all the time. (Can you believe we are still getting tomatoes?) Haven't had that first frost yet. I need to move the back patio furniture into winter storage and replace it with a stack of firewood.
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  16. Gator 45/70

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  17. BTPost

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    Nothing beats a Stihl.....
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  18. Seacowboys

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    Just found new cylinders, piston and rings for $50.00 on ebay for my Husky.
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