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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by monkeyman, Sep 18, 2005.

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    Ok, just wondering here. This is most relivant to those in colder climates that have REAL winters not those who figure it is insanely cold if it drops to 50 or so at night. :shock: ;)
    Being prepaired to be able to deal with an emergency, bug out situation or even a long term need to sustain your self and group in the spring or summer is one thing since the weather would be of minimal concern and if you have a garden already going you are looking at only a month or two untill some of the crops come in, but what if something happens say in early November or in Janurary? Then if staying put you have to have a way of heating your home with potentialy no electricity and if on a as line then potentialy with no gas (as opposed to a large full propane tank), you can be looking at as much as 6 months or more before you can have any crops comeing in to suplement your food stores and you have to have a way to keep your water source from freezing and becomeing inacessable.
    Then if you have to bug out or are away from home and have to make your way home (especialy without a vehicle) you have to have a way of keeping hypothermia at bay and keep from freezing to death. You also need to have a way of keeping your water from freezing since sucking on ice will help to drop your body temp and going without water even in winter will lead to dehydration.
    Most of us do most of our camping includeing that to learn the skills we may one day need in plesant weather, I was wondering how many of us have done any winter camping to learn to deal with its unique demands and problems and what tips you may have for dealing with winter crisis?
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    Good advice mm
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