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    Spoke with Rob Taylor of "Wise Company", up in Salt Lake City, Utah, and 2 days later we got a priority mail, with a sample of their "creamy pasta and vegetable rotini".
    Now as most dehydrated food go, I'm hard to impress.....
    But then I'm a "C rats" kinda guy! ( see: old fart)
    So, we get the nice sample and read the instructions, and off we go....
    Simple: boil 4 cups of water, add packet, stir, let stand for 12-15 minutes stirring occasionally, uncover and let cool 2-3 minutes.
    Let it COOL a bit longer! Or, suffer tongue blisters!
    Here's what we found:
    1) the food is listed as being a 4 adult serving.
    It's not. It's just barely 2 cups when cooked exactly as instructed.
    2) taste, EXCELLENT! Probably one of, if NOT the best, vegan dishes I've ever had! ( needs meat though!) ( add dehydrated or canned chicken!)
    3) I recommend it also for the price, which we determined to cost about $1.12 per person, or $2.24 for 2 adults. I can't begin to make it for that!
    Considering: the vegetables, the seasonings, and the cornstarch, for a thickening agent, it's pretty dang good!
    Now, couple all that with a 25 years shelf life, preserved in nitrogen...and individual packaging,...Yeah, I'd say GO FOR IT!
    When I speak with Mr. Iaylor monday, I am going to ask some questions which WE felt were "need to know", before making a large purchase...
    Their site does not answer the questions:
    Actual cost per unit (packet)?
    Choice of entrees on orders?
    Serving sizes list as 4 (adult) when they are just 2 cups...?
    Mix or match options ( see entrees choices)?
    "Sampler" sets of 1 each available for all their products, and cost of that?
    All in all we like the product, and the price is more than reasonable.
    The sample we received was enough to get us thinking: with this meal poured over a scoop of rice, or mixed with chicken meat, would be fantastic!
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    Most canned or prepared/boxed food items use smaller 'servings sizes' than a real person considers realistic. Many cans say two or three, even "3.5" servings, but most of us would eat the whole can! Not necessarily a good idea considering the sodium content!
    How much sodium per serving of Wise foods? Anything that is to store for years is loaded with it. Not good for my BP - my doctor would not be amused......
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    Sodium is listed at 800 mg or 33% daily values.
    I hear that, my bp is terrible but I salt everything I eat!
    No wonder my doctor is surprised to see me every year!
    Or should I say whenever I go in, somtimes every 5-7 years IF I feel the need....
    (aka: walking disaster!)
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    Yeah the serving sizes in those are small, I got a few samples as well at a gun show.. but they DO taste better than any freeze dried I have tried in the past, and I have tried a whole lot and have a whole lot stored over the years.

    As good as it tastes its a bit pricy for the size.
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