Wondering if anyone knows about this show.

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    Okay, so recently I found a website that I can watch all of my favorite shows on for free. But I'm not going to share it unless someone asks.

    Anyways, as most of you are already aware of, I love Survivorman. It's a nice show, along with Ray Mears. Man vs. Wild isn't as much turned to the real factor, but more focused to entertainment. But we all know that.

    This one show I just found out about recently, dubbed Survive This, is 8 teenagers surviving with Les as a mentor, basically. I know that a majority of it could be fake, and it could be all real. Bottom line is it's down right entertaining in my free time. Watching the screw-ups, the correct choices, and even criticizing. Even though I'm not much aware of my stuff quite yet... it's pretty cool how they can learn it along the way (it could be fake though!).

    Let me know what you think. I'd love to hear!

    P.S. I've sent Les himself a PM trying to find out when the new season (3) is going to be coming out. If he replies I have a shot at getting on. :p
  2. Yard Dart

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    Anything that you can learn from is a good thing... even these type of shows. But the key is if you see something that looks like it would work for you, practice it and learn how to do it.... and if it does not work well for you or seems to be stupid.... then let it go. Life is about learning what does and does not work for "you" and how you can be better and survive most situations. There are a lot of cool products out there in the world, but they are just weight in the pack if you can not use it or do not know how to benefit by it.... You have to have the basics down first (water, food, shelter and the like). Learn those first... and you build upon that solid foundation.
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    Paracord knots, tarps, firestarting, foraging, fishing, trapping, potatoe farming where you camp/fish/hike.
    Thems my skills that i think are the most useful atm.
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    I have learned a lot of tips on survival from Survivorman. Another show worth watching is Dual Survival. Has a team of two survivalists with very different approaches that work together to find their way out of various wilderness scenarios. I really like the different views and techniques to the same problem this show presents.
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  5. DoomsdayNews

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    Just Youtube'd a couple clips of the show, hadn't heard about it before. Maybe it only aired in Canada where Les is from?

    Anyway, looks like a pretty cool show. I'm sure the majority of it is staged by production and set up to ensure the safety of the children involved, otherwise there would be liabilities and lawsuits galore, even if the parents of these kids are diehard preppers themselves.

    Agreed that any show you can actually learn skills from can be a good resources. Its up to you to pick and choose which information may one day be valuable to you and put it to the test. Les obviously knows what he's doing, otherwise he wouldn't keep getting TV, book, and appearance deals.

    The scenarios on this show are staged to mimic "common" survival scenarios (like looting resources from a crashed airplane) and probably have an element of competition like the show "Survivor." Still, what can be be wrong about teaching the youth about survival (since people prepare for a FUTURE SHTF scenario) and making it more relatable to a younger audience. Look forward to checking it out.
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