Working hard/sacrificing for an even better FUTURE! ;)

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by wildernessgal, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. wildernessgal

    wildernessgal Backwoods is a callin'

    Today is MY ONLY DAY OFF FROM WORK this week... so I need to get the most outta my day today, if ya know what I mean. lol

    Family & I already live out in the sticks in a very low populated backwoods area... but currently we are working very very hard, and hope to totally disappear into the wilderness/get even further away from over-regulation / the masses... I know that I will be SUPER HAPPY without having to maintain vehicles, car insurance, modern-inconveniences, and so on... My family & I want to be totally FREE, and I know that I am willing to sacrifice a bit now (working very hard) for a better future! :)

    Well there's my "positive speech" for the day!ha,ha

    Gotta get goin' now... Hopefully everyone is doing well wherever they are, happy, healthy & safe! Never forget that LIFE IS so very SHORT & ya need to live it how YOU want to live it, before it's finally over!

    ( A woman on a mission, for the betterment of her family....)


    P.S.- Some helpful words of advice (to those who are interested)... Do some SERIOUS DOWNSIZING so that you don't have a multitude of bills/have to $$spend$$ so much. The extra money saved will go far to accomplish your goals.

    P.P.S- Always remember....

  2. sheen_estevez

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    Good luck, I hope you don't have to wait too long to live out the dream. It's nice when the whole family want to go for the same thing.
  3. nightshade7206

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    I hear ya hun.
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