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    Last summer a neighbor gave me some bee equipment. I had toyed with the idea of ordering bee's but i didn't get around in time. This spring a saw a sale on some honey bee packages so i ordered them. The man was nice enough to inform me i should have ordered a Nuc since i was a newbie so i updated my order. I have been recieving updates periodicaly as to when the bees will ship and today i got this email with this excerpt.

    Many people who are interested in provident living are part of the reason for the supply issue. There are about 100,000 new beekeepers coming on board this year. I have talked to many of them who understand they have a rocky future ahead and honey bees are a part of their security that they desire for their families. It would be prudent for all to spend some of the time during this shipping delay to look at other areas other than bees for things they need and need to do and allow us to do the same.

    If you read that it says 100,000 new bee keepers. This blew my mind. Apparently the word is out and people are listening. Folks get your bees now!


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    Man, That is crazy, We have had some ordered for a few weeks now. I hope I got in before the rush, I wonder what the deal is?
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    That's funny, I tried to get some bees two weeks ago and the salesman was out of bees, and the warehouse he orders from has 600+ backorders. He said to try later... much later.

    The orchard is small and gets pollinated by bees and such, but they are not OUR bees.

    My father drug his foot around last year and wound up not getting any. So this year I tried. I guess next year I have to try earlier.
  4. -06

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    Had six hives that "bugged out". Will be taking three hives very shortly. They are friendly and in the same building. They will get the med strips placed in each hive. Mites will wipe out a hive in short order.
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  5. tacmotusn

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    I have a friend who was interested in getting bees and was turned off on the idea because of USDA notification requirements for bee sellers to report location of all purchasers of queen bees. In his desire to remain gray, he didn't want to draw the attention of the USDA. Any comments or suggestions on this?
    I myself am planning on building a couple top bar hives and a trap. Next spring down here when the bees start to swarm I will have my trap or traps placed in an area where I may be able to get my bees and totally bypass the USDA.
    Michael Eastlake on Apr 27th, 2010 at 11:31 am<!-- comment-meta-data -->
    My friend Dave is the Beeman …
    he asked me to build them new hives.
    I made them a little different
    just so the Bees stay alive.
    My hives look the same as others,
    but aren’t painted pearly white …
    just made of sweet-smelling cedar wood.
    The Bees think that they’re just right. We’re so glad.
    My hives don’t have rectangular frames
    for the Bees to build their wax combs …
    ‘just made them some simple topbars
    that are more like their forest homes.
    Honey Bees build their combs
    out of wax that’s 6-sided
    that hang from these topbars
    in shapes THEY decided. Everybody likes a choice !
    Some combs hold honey,
    in others are babies.
    We just want those Bees happy
    and I don’t mean just maybe.
    We don’t use an extractor
    to fling out the honey …
    just squeeze with our fingers
    which get sticky and funky. The honey’s still sweet !
    Some people feed Bees white sugar
    which makes them have real thick boogers.
    Instead we feed’em honey
    which don’t cost us money …
    we just give’em what they want ! Now that makes sense !
    When fall comes and the flowers all quit
    and winter is coming near,
    Dave won’t take their fresh honey.
    It’s their only food for the year.
    Maybe next spring
    when the flowers are blooming
    there will be enough honey
    to share with us humans. Maybe we should ask ‘em !
    I talked with a Bee once
    with words you hardly could hear.
    It was just a little BeeBuzz
    quietly next to my ear.
    She likes what we’ve done
    and that we treated her dearly.
    She hopes we’ll come back
    and care for her yearly. Oh Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!
    Bees are really important
    and most certainly cool.
    Helping them be healthy
    should be taught in our schools.
    . - - Top Bar Hive, Beekeeping DVD
    Top Bar Hive
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  6. VisuTrac

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    we were suppose to get a few hives placed here by a local bee keeper but he lost too many hives over winter. The ones he took south this winter are just going to be enough to cover his commitments so, No bees for us this year.

    I am building a pair of top bar hives that i saw in ME out of rough sawn lumber. Also planting BeeBalm and Lemon Grass around the area where the hives are going to be located. Maybe we can attract a colony.
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    I have a bee keeper friend who is helping me set up a hive. I have a honey bee nest in an outbuilding and am setting out a box to collect the swarms. He said that they will go to the best hive they can find so if you provide it you can catch the wild bee swarms for your starters. Another source to look at with out uncle knowing. I know as a kid finding a hive in a tree was not all that hard.
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    Have a bud who said last year that he would hive a couple for me for $40 each. Bet it is more now. Now is the time to do it during the "spring flow" as bee keepers call it. My nephew gave me a honey extractor so I am set to go. Will build a screened room to process the honey in-can use it for a picnic room also.
  9. Witch Doctor 01

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    we have a few hives in our apiary... will be adding a few more next year... will probably top out at around 10 or so... check with local beekeepers they normally have classes that will help you get started...
  10. Jaybird

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    Is it still hard to get bees? I am thinking about setting up a hive or two. I have a lot to learn though.
  11. chelloveck

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    When I finally get

    a rural place of my own, I'll probably gets some Australian native bees. They don't produce much honey...and what honey they do produce is mostly needed for the sustainment of the hive. Its main purpose is as a vegetable and fruit pollinator as well as pollinating native and exotic herbs, trees and shrubs. An important benefit of most Australian native bee species is that they are stingless....which is good for children and people who are allergic to bee stings. Anaphylactic shock can sure put a dampener on your day.

    Australian Native Bees

    Keeping Native Stingless Bees - YouTube
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  12. jasonl6

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    It's not hard to get them but you need to get them in the spring so they can get food stored up for winter. very few places sell in the late summer/fall. You can feed them all winter long if you wish i guess. Mine are almost done filling there second super, they need one for themselves and the rest i get to keep.

  13. Yoldering

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    I just saw a report here in Texas how a lot of the honey bees have been wiped out here because of the heat and the drought. Could be the same across the country. I just don't know. I for one can't wait for the summer to end! I wish we could have three weeks of rain too!
  14. beast

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    got a hive in my roof, next to my front door
    been building a nice new box hive for them
    should have it in place next spring
  15. fedorthedog

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    I had an accident with my hive. I have a wild hive in my shop. Got a bee box used to sand and paint with some used frames. Had the parts sitting in the shop when the bee's found them. Had to evac the hive and set up quickly as thweey were ready to swarm. Three days later I had an active hive. I was told by the Bee keeper that this almost never happens but I think they were attracted to the smell of the honey on the old frames. You may want to try this to see if the bee's will just move in.
  16. tacmotusn

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    Check some of the links info I posted earlier in this thread. I am pretty sure there is info there about making a bee trap for catching swarms. They treat the swarm trap with some things to make it entice the bees to use it.
    Actually I went back and looked. They used beeswax, olive oil, and drops of extract from lemongrass. This is the link.
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  17. beast

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    i will remember that for spring
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    I have a neighbor who is older then dirt- his words not mine and he used to sell me raw honey. Because of his advanced years and forgetfulness he no longer bee keeps. he leaves things out when you talk... I was going to try to buy his hives if this is something I could do. I am a clumsy but determined person. Is bee keeping easy and is it worth the work? I got a book for the library but I just wanted people input.
  19. ghrit

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    You might cast around, there's apt to be a bee keeper's club someplace not too far away. There's also the county ag agent that will know who to talk to.
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