Wrong tools and super glue

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    Well I got some stuff done around the house today. The stove wasbelching back smoke into the house because there was a bunch of crud in the stove pipe at the elbow outside. Our stove pipe goes up from the stove then turns 90 degrees and runs about 4', turns again and goes through the wall (the horizontal helps get a LOT more of the heat into the house rather than out the chimney) then outside it takes another 90 degree turn and goes up and there are sheet metal screws that hold the sections together at each joint. Soot from the upright pipe tends to build up at the last elbow and thats what happened. After I got it cleaned outandput it back together the holes wouldnt line back up for the screws so was going to make a new hole for the screw in the inner pipe so could get the screw in. Well I didnt feel like chaseing down the drill andbits and such and couldnt find the ice pick so took out my Case pocket knife that has a good point and also that I keep shaveing sharp and decided to use that to try to make a small pilot hole for the screw. Thats wherethe 'wrong tools' came in, it closed on me a cut the back of my index finger pretty good. I let the blood flow for a couple minutes to bleed out anything that may have gotten into the wound then rinsed it and bandaged it. I went back out and finished getting thepipe back together then had to replace the bandage since had bled through it already. After I put a heavy pad on it to soak up the blood I went on out and got some tin and scrap wood to put up a 2 part folding door over a big door opening that we needed to be able to close off to keep the dogs from going back there when they decided they couldnt wait to get out or whatever as well as for keeping the teenager that likes to get into stuff out. I went ahead and screwed the wood to the tin to firm it up some and bolted the hinges to it as well as a lock hasp then mounted the thing to the door frame and got it all set up. The finger had bled through again and was thinking about going to the hospital to haveit sewed up, we keep suture kits on hand but since I have over priced insurance nowthat will allow me to go to the ER free as long as the anual bill is low enouph I figured being able to have local pain killers would be a good thing, besides the suture kits are hard to find a lot of times. Then I decided I just didnt feel like dealing with the idiot Drs at the hospitol, I tried to get sewed up before and they decided the skin should just be left to die and fall off so could grow new skin and they also sent Tina home with a concusion and knowing she had swelling inside her skull a couple weeks ago so my opinion of them isnt real high, so instead I just went to the convenience store where I work and got some super glue, cleaned the area with an alcohol pad, held the wound closed and applied a good layer of the super glue over the whole area, let it dry then applied a couple more layers. Its seems to be holding the wound shut and it finaly madeit stop bleeding, so it filled the same bill as what I wanted from the 3 or 4 stiches I figured it should have had and only cost me about $1.50 with a full tube and most of the second tube still left rather than the few hundred dollars the ER would have gotten for fixing it, and alot of the ERs are useing aboutthe same method now anyway. So thats where the super glue comes in and thats about all that went on around here today.
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