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    If you are reading this, you are indeed not a sheeple [sheep].

    You may have noticed recently that I've gotten PO'd at our so called elected official with respect to the Senate Bill S.510. And how completely inane the legislative branch has become.

    Pixie_moon83 had just posted a query:
    "We need more people to open their eyes and understand. We cannot drive off the badger without the whole colony. Why are people so dense"


    I've a theory on why people are so dense. It that the government has taught them to be. It is Pavlovian conditioning. Here you take this here 9 digit number. Put it on every correspondence you have with us. Give us a tithing every pay check and we will take care of you forever. Sure about once a year we will maybe ask for more or we might give you some back. But every once and a while we will give you a check just when things seem darkest. You will love us. We are from the government, we are here to help.

    Sign up with us and we may offer you:

    Old age benefits with cost of living increases which do not include food and energy costs which in turn will cause you to experience a decreased standard of living because we took away your money that you may have saved for retirement and paid off your grandparents/parents. Now we are taking your children and grandchildrens money to pay you off. No it's not a pyramid scheme, see it's a number of concentric circles and as you reach the center, the outer rings help support you. Ponzi? Never heard of it.

    Anyway, we will provide you with Medical care, nursing homes .. oops retirement centers staffed by the highest paid professionals we could afford (kids from mcd declined our offer).

    If your neighbor hits the lotto, we will take a big chunk from him and pass it around to those less fortunate. Unless of course he's a pretty savvy dude and is one of us, then your pretty much not going to see him paying any taxes on the winnings cause he knows the game.

    Oh your a business owner. Well depending on your acumen, you may or may not get raped. but if you are really successful, we will let you join our exclusive club. we only work a few months a year, like to hear ourselves talk Ad nauseam, praising our fellow senators and representative on how smart they are and how much we love them. Debating new legislation that will make our constituents swoon because they are filled with good things for puppies, babies, grandparents. We will skip the tough stuff or just say yea because our party leaders say so or nay just because it was an epiphany of the other party. And we make 170k a year + plus all kinds of cool perks like lifetime health care (I think the guy down the hall jumped to the head of the line for a new ticker, sweet huh?) and the sweetest pension you've ever seen. I'll probably not have to work for the rest of my life after the book deals, speaking engagements. Hell if the mistress outs me I could probably still go back to work as a lobbyist and hang out with my old buds.

    what was I talking about? Oh yeah, We are the government and we are hear to help you.

    you can get
    food stamps
    a power chair
    maybe even some cash.

    just say you will love us and follow us to the ends of the earth and we will give this all to you!

    Oh but there is a little bit of fine print that goes along with this. No free thinking ok?

    No questioning us about those little amendments that we are going to sneak into some pretty useful sounding legislation. And these little cash projects for some of the folks that help me get into this office by crushing the [AH] that was in here before me. Remember him? Yeah that guy, the one that really screwed you royally.

    Oh and the biggie, when we say 'Terror' , 'Collapse', 'Meltdown', 'al-Qaida' or 'Security'. Duck and cover cause when you get up you will have given a little bit of your freedom for some more smoke and mirror security.

    You good with that? OK, now talk about your faux issue. Faux? oh that means impotent. That's what I said 'Important'.

    Now don't get me wrong. I have nothing against those people that need a helping hand to get back on their feet, or through some tragedy need some serious assistance. I'm not a complete Ahole.

    But those that are able bodied need to do all they can to make sure that the assistance to those that can't. There are plenty of examples of a middle age couple working 4 pt jobs between them to get by.

    I myself really don't want the governments help in my life. I want to be left alone. To be free to make my own choices. I'm really not that religious but there are only 11 things that I think I need to live right. The 10 commandments and the golden rule. If I can follow those then stay the hell outta my life.

    I'm willing to pay taxes. But tax me on what i Use/purchase and not on what I own, cause you taxed that already. Don't tax the crap out of me for freaking cent i make cause that FICA thing is pretty much being pissed down a black hole.

    I'd really love to check out of your system. Keep my money for myself, and pray that i'll be able to save enough for my retirement. if not, i'll be living with my kids.

    Yeah, call me a non conformist, a free thinker. or to coin my favorite phrase "I reject your reality and will substitute my own"

    I view us here as the bear nearing the end of hibernation and there is some group of peps beating on our cave wall dressed in red,white and blue circus clothes and a dorky tall hat in the same pattern saying 'We are here to help'.

    We are going to wake up, pretty grumpy, and really famished. Someone is going to get their ass whooped and good.

    Note to self: make sure you charge them first and scare the s**t out of them. that way they taste better. Hot sauce will make them similar to chicken wings. Not much meat, lots of bones. But what the hell, not bad for a first post hibernation meal.
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