Your Money or your Life - one of 3 ways SHTF can happen

Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Ganado, Apr 25, 2015.

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    It's an ad for a "free" book, "We just ask that you cover the cost of shipping and handling."
    Will the economy collapse ? Probably at some point in the future, yes.
    Its kinda like predicting earthquakes and volcano eruptions.
    Its gonna happen sooner or later.
    But this all comes down to some fearmongering capitalist selling snake oil.[tongue]
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    i ignore that non sense of sales.... i looked at his 3 points... my research has shown those are 3 viable options of where things could go... I dont think the 3rd one is likely but the other two are. Again just my opinion ... you are entitled to think differently its what freedom is all about. =)
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    "The Crux" is heavily advertising with Yahoo lately, it seems. They use well established talking points based on the research folks like myself have long uncovered to promote their own petty interests. Is the economy going to collapse? Undoubtedly. Will you gain any additional insight from buying their garbage? Probably not.
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    I'll pass on the Koolaid.
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    Just be prepared.. All I'm saying on this.
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    @Ganado This topic is still worthy of discussion. I do not need to check the source you posted and can give my three ideas on how SHTF can happen in regards to the monetary system.

    1. The Dollar loses its position as the chosen global exchange medium
    The only thing needed is for Russia to gain control over the Ukraine, and from there the dominoes may fall. China, Russia, Iran -the entire BRICS collaborative could gain the upper hand as U.S. militarization struggles and strains to control the pipelines and merchant lanes with a weakened economy.

    2. Rioting, lawlessness, and secession brings the nation to new heights in rebellion against the Federal Government.
    Take your pick, be it the race war, activism, gun grabs, police brutality, natural catastrophe, or the fight for State's rights and economic strife. It could also be a combination of any of the above, with the primary catalyst being the failing economy.

    3. Some phony mumbo-jumbo created by the FED to cover the real reason: the massive debt bubble
    The privately owned Federal Reserve basically sets the policy for the United States economic status. The entire system is structured to promote this phony entity masquerading as an official branch of government. They have created money out of thin air for so long, the value of the Dollar is only a tiny fraction of the worth it once held in the 1930's when this Frankenstein FIAT system went live. Even before the Emergency of War declaration by FDR (Pres. Procl. #2038, 2039, 2040 of March 6-9, 1933 and the empowering Act of Congress, Title 12, USCA Section 95b) which granted these private banks the privilege to conduct business legally, the private banks had run, and failed miserably with their ventures. These private banking schemes will always fail because of the massive debt which is created. The only reason this most recent run has gone on as long as it has, is simply because the bankers realized how they could turn debt into an asset by fooling others into buying it up. The control of the oil market is crucial, as it continues to serve as a means to prop-up this failing economy. Fossil fuels are not a renewable resource.

    It's important to note that the whole reason for any of this was two-fold. First, the European banking cartel had to raise the debt of the United States so high, there would be no chance for recovery. This would guarantee complete destruction of the nation. Second, the use of its military worldwide would assist in globalization while the further indebted United States would seek constant streams of loans to maintain its bloated budget. The result is global domination with the destruction of the United States.
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    Thanks Broker I think it's worth discussing also. Not for fear mongering but to be on the look out for indications on timing. It's not an if to my way of thinking it's a when. October 2015 the IMF is changing the way international transactions are handled. This means the dollar will devalue... Our goods will go up.

    I'm not saying that is a drop dead date. I'm just saying it's a strong indicator.

    BTW @broker your 3 things were pretty close to what that guy said.
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    Although the BRICS are having their own set of issues and their own bubbles. Plants are closing down in Brazil left and right, China is suffering a glut of over capacity, Russia is hurting from lowered oil prices, etc...

    The manipulated oil price is also hurting our domestic producers and so far we have lost or are about to loose half a million jobs because of it BUT, since oil was a greater driver of the Russian economy they are being hurt worse at the moment. Maybe one of our oil field monkeys could speculate on who is driving this?
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    Wouldn't it be interesting if the next Bilderberger gathering of world dominators were vaporized by Aliens after a rigorous probing?
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    [beer] Outstanding idea.
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    I recall how it went down during the ".com" bubble and when it popped... There was a lot of trepidation in the back rooms about the over inflated stock prices.... but everyone could not get off the gravy train, the money was coming in and that is all they cared about.
    When the bubble popped, it was really fast. In our market in the NW, we had a bunch of projects doing office spaces, data labs and so on.... at fat margins. Everyone was working 60 hours a week, we were all doing well. Then one day we reported to our job sites and found doors chained shut, employees locked out and business's shuttered with no notices. The folks were working the day before, the next day their coffee cup set on their desk... and they were locked out. We lost 30 million in owed invoices, luckily we were a strong company and survived the losses....but as we all know, many companies went under during that time.

    The impact of the bubble was felt worldwide in a matter of days.... and that is the point. You can see the issue with the current economy, the parallels with the Great Depression & subsequent market crashes.... yet everyone is riding the gravy train. The stock market is at an all time high right now & the cheerleaders are pushing it to go higher. The reality is much scarier and lurking around the corner..... when it happens, it will be fast and the sheep will be asking, what happened & why were we not warned.
    As @Dunerunner said:

    Nasdaq rally: Bull vs. Bear | Watch the video - Yahoo Finance
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    Poetic Justice!! They've been Anal probing us for decades!
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    The Next Bubble Is A Matter of If Not When | Fox Business

    And is this not Barry's plan..... to re-shape/change America... what better way to do it than a massive economic collapse. :cautious:
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    Wonder what the aliens would want in payment?
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    Anal probing and vaporizing of the world dominator's= PRICELESS!!! [chopper]
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    Alien... " Nope, no Gold up this one, Oh Well, On to the next Old Geezer......"
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    And thus the theory of 'the star child' was born [emoji23] [emoji56] this is so bizarre... It's a theory postdated as a fact in an astronomy publication...
    *rolls eyes*
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