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    Pretty sure I want to include some sort of digging implement in my pack, but not sure which one. Gerber makes a couple nice ones, depending on your price range. The Gerber Gorge folding shovel runs less than $20, but pretty sure that's all you're ever going to utilize it for, and I wonder as to the durability of a shovel at that price point.
    On the other hand, the Gerber E-tool folding spade at least offers a serrated edge on one side of the blade, so you can get a bit of double-duty out of it, if you don't already have a good saw in your pack. It runs ~$44 at Amazon (+ tax, for me), or <$41 at Botach (free shipping, no tax for me).

    I know that SOG also makes digging implements, and I'm sure there's others out there too. Not 100% certain, but I think the GI issue shovels I see at GovLiquidation is the el-cheapo Gerber (no surprise, but guessing since it's govt issue, they're probably paying the e-tool price! :rolleyes: ).

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    I carry a Spetsnaz shovel made by ColdSteel. It is handy for digging, chopping firewood, cooking a grilled cheese sandwich, getting rid of unwanted bodies, and can be used as both a defensive and offensive weapon that is quite effective (can even be thrown like a tomohawk). as a general purpose tool, I think it is about the closest to my "Go To".
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  7. Dawg23

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    I carry the cold steel spetznaz shovel as well. mine is good and sharp, and is a great digger and light chopper as well. mine stays in my pickup under the back seat.
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    I also use the spetznaz shovel it is dependable, has multiple uses and lasts forever it is truly a tool that is designed to work.
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    Cooking too, I guess... (image borrowed from @Yard Dart in another thread)

    Shovel cooking eggs.
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    Pretty sure the only way I'd try that, is if I'd been using olive oil to treat the shovel/prevent rust on it! Otherwise......ewwww!! ;)
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    Especially if you have been digging latrines!

    Anyway, I have the old standby folding head WWII-Vietnam era entrenching tool. I'm sure there is some way to lighten it up, and half the weight comes from the canvas carrier. It usually stays in the back of the vehicle.

    In the winter I replace it with a compact aluminum snow shovel that comes apart and can be strapped to a pack via 4 little holes on the periphery of the blade.
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    I have been using and abusing a Gerber e-tool for about the past decade. The only care I give to it is to eventually fold it up and shove it back in the case. It's still going strong.

    But for hoofing it, I usually just have the standard folding steel trowel.
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    Ever hear of "Hoe Cakes"? Been thinkin of picking one of those shovels up.. Wont be used in the truck.. Carry a flat tip "D" handle shovel in the rig..
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    Sometimes find it hard to justify adding weight to your pack with a shovel. Think about what your intended use is and how much digging you actually see yourself doing. Some reasons you might need to dig: for water, to look for food, as part of shelter building, making a foxhole, etc.

    Chances are if you are hunkering down in a SHTF scenario you have a regular spade and other digging devices in your garage or shed. But for those bugging out, is a shovel something you really need? If you have a strong, quality fixed-blade knife, it will be perfectly capable of doing basic digging tasks--an entire foxhole, maybe not. As would a prybar or crowbar. If you really want something extra, consider one of those miniature garden trowels.

    The Cold Steel shovel and others like it weigh less than 2 pounds, which isn't too much extra weight. Just consider if it's really worth it, especially when you'll be tasked with carrying other much more important gear and supplies with you (food, water, medicine, weapons=top priority)

    Good discussion, good luck making a decision.
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