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  1. Buckrzy

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    I travel a lot for work. Mostly in the 300 mile range mainly along the I-20 corridor from Fort Worth, Texas to Tuscaloosa, Alabama and From Little Rock, Arkansas to West Monroe, Louisiana although flights to other parts of the country are fairly often. I have a get home bag in my in my vehicle and carry some items for plane travel. I am interested in developing friendships with a handful of like minded folk along my routes as stopping points (safe rest places and the such) and willing to do the same for other folk coming through North Louisiana and Central Arkansas during any type of crisis. I have properties in both of these places.

    Does anyone have plans like this or ideas of how to make contact with the right type of people along a route - prepper groups? Homesteaders? individual prepper? welcome!

    All input
    Thank you
  2. Buckrzy

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    I meant to say All input welcome
  3. BTPost

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    What do use for Comms, when the Cellphones are No Longer working, or Totally Jammed up, from a Crisis? That needs to be addressed.... If you can't "Reach out and Touch someone" while on the move, how are you ever going to find "Like Minded Folks" along the way. Just Ask'en....
  4. Buckrzy

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    Having alternate ways of communication is high on my list but I do not know much about. I was going to ask you about this as a matter of fact.
  5. Buckrzy

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    Where would I start? What form of communication do I have while on the road?
  6. Yard Dart

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    I can address this as a Seattle area resident. If you are in my AO and are known.... you have safe harbor with me. But you have to know how to reach me as BT eludes to. Get in line with the needed comms and we will be talking.
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  7. Motomom34

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    I know you seem to be looking for communication information and how to hook up with people for safe travel. You seem to travel in various directions, have you made note of of the places between point A to B? I drive through a section of highway that has signs about not picking up hitchhikers because there is a jail facility near the highway. That area has always caused me concern but I so have a safe place in that area. It may sound silly and naive but I stop at the same places week after week, thus we know each other not in depth but enough for them to recognize me and know they have never had issues with me. Does that make sense? Opinions?
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  8. Witch Doctor 01

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    If you are in a constant "loop" meaning a route that visits several of the same places or having a few constant waypoints. you might consider renting a locker/ small storage facility to hold preps that would not be wise to keep in your vehicle.. i.e. an alternate means of transport(bike) extra food, or refills for your BOB, an inexpensive long arm, etc...

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  9. Buckrzy

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    I will be acquiring alternate communication methods.
  10. Dont

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    Way back in another life, I traveled the county extensively and would make a habit of finding small cafe's along the way and fequent them when ever I was in that area. Would get to know folks there and they me. Often it would not be a relationship that would fouster trust in ill times, however, sometimes it did lead that way
  11. Buckrzy

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    I may start stopping at the same locations (as in stores - gas stations) and start striking up casual conversations to be known more by the people at these locations. You never know the friendships that could be made from this anyway.
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  12. Buckrzy

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    I can understand this and will start doing thek of customers along this route same thing. I have a network of clients along my routes but some of the long distances between I do not know people. I will be stopping more in these locations to help this out.
  13. Buckrzy

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    I like this idea. Thank you!
  14. Witch Doctor 01

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    make sure that you have the basics in an EDC kit in your coat or on your person... In the winter I keep a kit in my coat when I'm traveling it includes an altoid survival kit, money, ID, cell phone, knife, matches, handgun and spare mags, etc. I add more depending on the situation...
  15. Harbin

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    I've been thinking about this quite a bit as well, having just read 77 days in September doesn't help. I've added extra clothes, boots, paper maps for neighboring states, water/energy bars, and "alternative comms". Getting to know locals would be a huge help, i like this idea.
  16. Dont

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    Making connections with locals and becoming some what trusted will take a long time. Frequent visits and long talks over coffee or some beer's.. Disclosing some information that will tell them something that will fouster trust, yet maintain tactical information to yourself. Simple genaric information about yourself, work, general town of residence, hunting or fishing, sports.. Simple things!
  17. Minuteman

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    I still carry this kit in my vehicle but from what I know the network itself is pretty much in disuse. However it was fairly widespread pre and post Y2K so I think a lot of people would revert back to it in a post SHTF situation.

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