Gold and Silver Stockpiled? Think twice.

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Brokor, Nov 22, 2010.

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    Do you have Gold and Silver stockpiled as a means to secure your wealth in the case of economic meltdown? Well, the economy will fail, that is a certainty. Anybody who has been educated in the REAL workings of the private Federal Reserve will tell you this; but what chance will we have of really keeping this gold and silver after the economy fails (and it will fail)...well, I will tell you. History will repeat itself.

    It's simple, really. Maybe it won't be exactly the same as 1933, perhaps the modern media spin will place a new label on the purpose, or the people will be driven by their political heroes to "take one for the good" of the country. No matter how you slice it and dice it, there is no surer way to absolutely CRUSH a people than to bring about total disparity. This is how it goes. First, prices fluctuate, the market becomes "unstable" and gold prices begin to climb. This also means other precious metals also do the same in their own method. After the market begins to stabilize, a buying trend appears. More and more civilians buy into the precious metals market, collecting increasing amounts of gold and other metals. As the prices continue to climb, the price of gold soars ever higher, inducing more speculation and increasing the buying pattern, only at higher prices. All of this wealth is now tied up in precious metals...and nobody would ever ask you to turn it over, would they? Would they?

    It's happened before -ALL OF IT, and it may very well happen again. The wealth you think is your own, turned into being a crime punishable by fines and imprisonment -overnight. Think your neighbors won't turn you in? Maybe you blogged about your recent gold acquisition at a great price. How many eyes have seen your gold acquisitions? And you think the government can't declare gold to be illegal to own? History proves you wrong if you believe you are safe to own gold and silver in an economic crisis.

    All I am saying is this: if you can't fit it in your pockets, it might be too much to keep. Don't advertise your wealth -especially if you have gold, silver, platinum, or any other PM. Chances are, once the economy takes its final tumble, after it is declared that gold and other precious metals need to be seized to "stave off" the financial crisis, your only hope is to exchange your meager dollars for some other tangible goods, and by that time a gallon of milk will run you a few Franklins. I know that the monetary system is completely FIAT, and it is not backed by gold -but how many others still believe the myth that we have a gold backed currency? How many will buy into the lies?

    It happened before. And we have been very good at repeating the same patterns.
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    I saw this 2 video series the other day. Rather good information, excellent stand, and solid research. Personally, my family and I will focus on barter-able commodities (that includes beer, wine, "likker", meat, cheese, etc. ad nauseum). Also, all preppers must be very versed in how much gunpowder, by LAW the state/Fed allows you to keep on your property. Additionally, there are limits to manufactured ammunition, as well. It is a short step from prepper to prison if you are not aware of the amounts. Excellent post!
  3. Falcon15

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    Just an FYI - the legal amount of black powder you can have on premises (inclusive of manufactured tannerite {that is tannerite that is ready to use, not components to make tannerite}) is 50#.
  4. UGRev

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    I think this is foolish. Post crash, he'll have no store of wealth because once the commodities that he's stored up on won't sell or trade because "grocery stores" come back on line.. he'll be broke. You can avoid confiscation.
  5. BTPost

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    "Just an FYI - the legal amount of black powder you can have on premises (inclusive of manufactured tannerite {that is tannerite that is ready to use, not components to make tannerite}) is 50#."

    That is Federal ATF Limit, for personal storage without a Licensed Magazine. Your local Fire Marshal may very well have a tighter restriction on Personal storage of BP. YMMV
  6. Gravy

    Gravy Consfearacy

    Excuse me for being a newbie/lurker, but I’d like to chime-in.

    The history is true enough, and there is a chance of repeating. The issue isn’t really just over gold, but anything of value. When the dollar dies and the world is turned upside-down, we can be sure of one thing: as a matter of national security our fearless leaders will do whatever is necessary to maintain power and attempt to control the situation. That may include criminalizing precious metals, guns/ammo, fuel and food hoarding, and the list could go on. Basically as I see it, they can prohibit and confiscate whatever they need if they deem it in the “national interest.”

    If I have a stock of gas, and the local law enforcement/military needs it to do their job, then they might take it.
    If I have guns/ammo and they deem it a liability or they need it – they might take it.
    If I'm storing food and the rest of the country is starving – they might take it.
    If the country is broke and they need gold to rebuild the financial system – they might take it.

    Of course this is all speculation, but anything is possible once the SHTF. Ask whether you will voluntarily hand over your guns/ammo, or your fuel, or your food, etc. if they prohibited it and required you to turn it over? I know where I stand – and I’ll stand behind my constitutional rights to own these things, including gold.

    Also, ask whether social values today are the same as they were back in the 30’s? How many of us trust the government? How many of us support the government? I would suggest that back then the people may have been more willing to cooperate with the government. Today, however, once the politicians and the bankers have bankrupted us all, trust will be shattered and support will likely be minimal. People today are probably less forgiving. They may ban gold, guns, etc., but they’re going to get hell if they try to confiscate them.

    Once all other preparations are squared-off, I think it’s prudent for everyone to own some precious metals. Without speculating on what they may do in the future, today, gold is a store of value, a hedge against inflation, and most importantly, it is money. Also, if I know my FRN’s will be worthless someday, then what’s the harm in trading some for bullion? Even if it gets confiscated, it’s no worse than seeing all my dollars lose value. Either way, I still lose everything. But if I can find a way to keep the gold, then I may just end-up better off. Roll the dice….
  7. Maxflax

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    I'm with Gravy on this..if you have gold, silver, stockpiles of goods, ammo, etc.. prepare to cache it somewhere safe but where you can get to it if needed

    What kind of a fool would hand in their hard earned goods to a tyrannical government? Like Gravy I would rather send something a little faster-moving at them
  8. dragonfly

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    Have cave, will deposit!
    Sometimes you have to stay one step ( if not 3), ahead of those that would relieve you of any "surplus" items you might have. One person I know has a friend that owns a junkyard and has buried their items in poly barrels, under scrap cars stacked up! Hard to locate that way! I chose a mountain with a small cave that is iron rich! Nature is my buddy!
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