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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by Gopherman, Apr 8, 2015.

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    :5s: @Gopherman I don't even know where to start. Thank you for giving us an up-date on your farm. I can't believe how much growth you have had in your orchard. Your blueberry bush is amazing, someday I hope to have something like that.

    Loved the new little goat you got. He is adorable. I just really loved the whole video. Q: you said you dug a whole, put in rabbit poo, potting soil and plant. It doesn't shock the plant to get straight poo?

    BTW- 8 dozen eggs a week? Do you sell them?
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    1 word.
    YEE HAW! Praise JC!!!!
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    Actually rabbit pooh can be used directly on plant without burning them, One of my Greenhouse raised beds is nothing but 8" deep rabbit pooh that I watered and covered with black growers mesh for a month, the plants love it.
    I've been told sheep and goat pellets too, but I have only tried rabbit. I have so much of it under my cages I don't really have to travel around the property gathering the sheep and goat. I put a barrier of about 2" of soil between the pooh and the plant just too be sure.
    As far as the eggs, my Wife and Son eat them every day and we give them away often.Sometimes our neighbors will come over and want to buy some but mostly we give them away.We also have a German pickle egg recipe and make about 60 at a time. When we do that their gone in a week.
    Just for fun I'll post it here. They are sooooo delicious!

    Cut up 4-6 red beets into small squares cover with water and boil hard for 20 minutes
    Strain, for every 2 cups of beet juice add 3 cups of cider vinegar and 2 cups of sugar.
    Heat it until all the sugar melts. put hard boiled eggs, along with the cooked beets, however you like, into a 1 gallon jar and cover. They are best when they sit for a week.
    They never last that long around here!:cry:
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    Great place, A true salt of the earth, A question, what do you feed your rabbits?
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    @Gopherman I know those eggs. Grandma used to make them for Dad to bring to hunting camp. I have never had one cause those were hunting camp eggs.

    I am going to look for rabbit poo. I have lots of elk but that is probably stronger.
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    Gopherman and his lovely family have had us over for dinner and I am amazed with what they have done with their place. Lots of hard work but you can see it is a labor of love. And you wouldn't believe what they have done with their house! They represent the perfect equation with taking what God has given them and put it to use.
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    Good post, keep'em coming.
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    Spikes.... what are they, you rooting just cuttings?
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    When you buy them there's only a main trunk with no side branches.
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    Get a couple Rabbits, their really good pets and can be litter box trained. They will give you 50 lbs. of pooh for every 50 lbs of feed.
    I'd send you a couple but I think its a bummer with all the quarantine issues. Check craigslist I'll bet there's a lot right in your area. Look at Continental Giants or Flemish Giants if you going to make pets out of them. They Get upward of
    30 lbs for the Continental and 20 lbs for the Flemish. They can even be trained to do tricks. Look at YOUTUBE a little girl did a wonderful job.
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    Commercial 14% rabbit Feed its $13.50 per 50 lbs bag. A bag usually last me 2 weeks without young rabbits, expect to trpple that when you raise out your litters. They require as much food as they want for about a month and a half. It averages out to about $2.00 per rabbit at 3 months of age. Mine are all Giant breeds they weigh about 4-6 lbs at butcher and yield about 2 lbs of meat, that's not bad!
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    So they aren't grafted?
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    No, but if they were air rooted they would produce fruit the first year. To be honest I have no Idea how they get them going at $3.50 a piece I don't Care!:) Like I said bought them at the swap meet. $18.00 for 5 plants they were about 6' tall.
    I didn't get fruit on my big one until last year, it was the third year in the ground for that one.
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    This plant was 6 inches tall a month ago.
    My first open flower on my passion fruit vine this year! There is a flower coming out at almost every leaf joint and the one that don't, have side branches growing! Looks like I'll be eating passion fruit this year.
    Three plants in the ground all over three feet and one at four feet.
    I have and abundance of seeds left if you would like some, private message me and I'll send you a few.
    Very high germination rate, I have 25 sprouts and roughly 60 more planted.
    Limited by availability, if I run out I'll have more later, I hope, I hope..........

    passion Flower Vine.

    Passion Flower.
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    @Gopherman you showed us your garden in April in the video. How is it doing? Would love an update.
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    I'll shoot some video soon. Been working a lot lately.
    I've been keenly aware of whats happening in the world very recently, I think we'll all be putting this knowledge to use soon, judging by all the signs I'm seeing!
    One things for sure weeds are uncontrollable, without using chemicals (not good) or spending all your time dealing with them down here, its a war that can't be won!! Raised beds are absolutely the way to go!
    The rabbit pooh in a hole method yielded mixed results, about 50/50.Growers cloth keeps weeds from growing from underneath but they just crawl over the top and send roots through the fiber into the ground.
    Passion flower plants have gone insane, Habenaro Peppers as well, total bumper crop.
    Sweet Potato's are crazy ground cover, completely invasive and definitely not suited for grow beds, you can't contain them, without spending a lot of time cutting them back every day. I finally just pulled them.
    I put my trees on a drip system and they are doing very well.
    I have built three more grow beds and will spend my time on them from now on.
    i have come to the conclusion that just a few plants of a species are enough to yield sufficient volumes of food for the family.I had 2 cucumber plants and we were Inundated with cucumbers, who could eat 5,000 Habenero peppers?
    I'm still a rookie gardener, but, I have had great successes and some pretty big fails as well,.Overall, its a lot of fun! (and work)
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    Love those pickled eggs and we always had them. Without lights, egg production fell off in the winter, and the store would not pay much for pullet, small eggs, so they were pickled and put in fruit cellar. Always had a jar open and ate after school or as a snack. No better way to store eggs for a few months. Good with or without the beets.
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    Did you post a how to pickle eggs recipe? If not would you? I always like to see theae. I know nothing about pickled eggs
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