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Discussion in 'General Survival and Preparedness' started by TinyWildThing, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. TinyWildThing

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    Hello to all of you!

    This may sound a little off topic, but while preparing my life start out in the wilderness I stumbled upon a stupid but important topic.

    I´m going to spend at least the next 5 month in the frosty cold scandinavian winter without much electricity or warm water. there won´t be much water at all to take big showers and the lake will be frozen.
    So I asked myself, what to do with my long hair?
    Won´t it be much of a smaller issue if I just cut it? It will take forever to dry there and I dont want to walk around with a looong greasy mat.

    Any ladies out here to help me with their own expirience?
    Are long hair a good scarf at wintertime or are they just trouble?

    Thanks for reading this!
  2. AxesAreBetter

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    Traditionally, you would use a horn comb to exfoliate the scalp and move essential oils from the scalp to the tip of the hair. Depending on hair type, you might need to brush before or after to get best results.

    Historically, if you didn't jump in the river, you might wash your hair once a week in cold climates, or not wash it for months.

    Also, if you wear your shaggy hair out of your eyes, but under a hat, you get surprisingly decent coverage against bugs.

    P.S. Not a lady. Felt I should clarify.
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  3. AxesAreBetter

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    The Rus and many of the other "Viking" tribes traditionally wear a lot of cloth headwear of the "headscarf" type.

    For what it is worth, I have a wool/silk blend scarf that I carry in my kit for when I leave my hat at home in case I get wet (wear it in a Cherokee turban). Had a bank cave on me 2 winters ago. You would be amazed at how much of a difference head and foot coverings make, and I make a habit of packing stuff along those lines since then. Probably saved my life, that random bag of reenactment kit I had on hand.

    Probly not the answers you were wanting/expecting, but I hope they help.
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  4. Ganado

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    I have long hair past my butt and I only wash it every 10 days or so but I do brush and braid or put up if I'm working in the garden.

    The oil from the top of your head is really good for your hair, brushing it removes oils and salts from sweat and helps redistribute the oil.

    If you have thin hair or oily head, it can take a few days before of feeling oily scalp before your head reduces oil m production.

    I like mine long and it's not much work once you get the rhythm of it. wear it how you like your hair ... you will figure it out. Consider if you cut it, your hair still grows an out an inch a month.

    If I didn't have access to water in the winter I probably wouldn't wash it more than once a month.
  5. Seacowboys

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    Brush talc through your hair once in a while.
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  6. Motomom34

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    I do not shampoo my hair Thursday through Sunday. Sometimes I wet it during the weekend but usually I just let it go. Caution on cutting. When living a life of not shampooing everyday it is better to have longer hair IMO. I made the mistake of cutting my hair and not having the option of a bun or braid is something I really miss. If you do cut your hair, leave it at a length so you can still bind it out of your way.

    @Seacowboys suggested talcum powder to help absorb the oils, you can also brush corn starch through your hair but watch for build up.
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  7. VisuTrac

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    Build a sauna that is heated with wood. You can have plenty of hot water all winter long.
    No need to think you can't bathe and maintain your hygiene during the winter.
    Plus the rolling in the snow after a great steam session is quite refreshing.
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  8. Bandit99

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    Yes, the sauna is a excellent idea! I certainly would not cut it as it provides extra warmth. We were taught (mountaineering/survival courses) that as much as 70% of body heat leaves through the head so the first thing to do is put a hat on if you're cold or take it off if you're warm. I always carry a fleece hat and sometimes a wool or synthetic one to go on top of it if it's really cold, even sleep in one. Feet and head always need special attention because they have such a drastic effect on the rest of the body.

    I would say, braid it out of the way and stick a hat on. Wash it once a week.
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  9. Brokor

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    I recommend trimming only what can grow back in time if you would like to keep your hair long.

    Find a way to purchase/acquire dried peppermint leaves in bulk if you can. You could opt for peppermint essential oil or peppermint powder if you prefer, but I often choose the dried leaf form in bulk because it weighs almost nothing and takes up very little space when packing, and it stores long term very nicely and isn't as susceptible to the elements. When you do end up washing your hair, you could prepare a few teaspoons of peppermint and hot water and form into a paste, then massage into your scalp as you also wash your hair. The properties of natural peppermint are exceptional, helping to maintain Ph balance and your scalp's oil levels, just to name a couple. Plus, it is nice to have a soothing, clean feeling which smells accommodating. Weekly washing or less will suffice, but it varies depending on how dirty you are and your body's routine.

    The peppermint can be multi-purpose, too. You could make your own toothpaste, tooth powder, and deodorant with the dried peppermint. I, personally prefer mint...but your mileage may vary. The mint or peppermint are also very good accompaniments with tea, which quenches thirst and does not aggravate it like coffee will. Tea is also packed with antioxidants and has many other uses medicinally.

    I always envisioned a nice, makeshift sauna with a sizable anti-chamber for very cold excursions to be a fantastic luxury to have. You could save water by drizzling a little at a time onto heated stones and wipe yourself clean with a washcloth or even use sticks like the Romans.
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  10. Meat

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    Wait. The ladies need to wash it daily. It's the rules. [afro]
  11. Ganado

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    I can see all the advice from men without long hair ...... makes me laugh :ROFLMAO::lol:

    Powder gives build up. It can be used as an emergency but It will give you an itchy scalp .....

    Brush brush brush and only watch if you have time as long hair takes hours to dry
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  12. Brokor

    Brokor Live Free or Cry Moderator Site Supporter+++ Founding Member

    But, we like our ladies to smell nice. (y)
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  13. Ganado

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    Lol if you brush it well it brushes the dirt and sweat out and it smells fine.

    You boys are never gonna survive the apocalypse [LMAO]
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  14. alaskachick

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    This post definitely needs a woman's touch. First, get ok with the idea of not washing your hair for at least a week. I have had both long and short hair. Long hair takes more water and work, but you can pull it into a ponytail or bun. Short hair takes less water to wash, and dries much faster. I have short now and plan to keep it this way all winter. A nice head scarf, bandana, or knit cap ( like chemo treatment hats) are a nice thing. And when you do decide a hair wash is in order, keep in mind ice melts into more water than snow does. One of my daughter's and my fondest memories are when we worked really hard all day collecting snow and icecycles and then standing in our tin tub in the middle of the kitchen floor, (not wasting any water, catching the run off to use elsewhere ) and poured the water for each other and "showered". Many years later, we are set up in better fashion for winter water needs. An expensive alternative to water baths is baby wipes. I offer this but have never used them, except in the hospital as a nurse on a patient. Getting and keeping the rest of your body clean just makes you feel good, but the expense and then disposing of the wipes...... just not my thing. The hospital "bath" packs are just heavier towels than the baby wipes. On anther note, one winter our outgoing water pipes froze solid. The first shower in the regular tub was fine but a few days later stepping into it was not appealing, we put our clean dry extra-tuffs and showered. The boots filled up with water, but it was clean and warm. ;) lots of memories thinking about all of our adventures here. We are truly blessed to be where we are, all the work and planning are worth it.
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  15. Oltymer

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    I'm a dude with very long hair, and have discovered that it will balance out by itself and won't be too oily or dry if you brush it every day. Enjoy your adventure!
  16. runswithdogs

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    You can do the no 'poo route with long hair, Do a test run before hand.. dont wash your hair but start brushing it really well every day (you ken that 100 strokes thing & all) then put it back in a bun or braid it, repeat at night & braid it to sleep.
    Do it that way every day. depending on your hair you will find that it starts to get greasy/oily after 3-6 days (for most people.. mine takes to about 6-7 normally )

    After about a week, do a lukewarm water rinse.. no shampoo. , then back to the brushing/braiding...
    It will go through a greasy stage that can last a few days to a couple weeks on average but once your scalp/hair gets used to not being stripped of oils it will start to adjust.
    Doing a cold or lukewarm rinse every so often can help distribute the oils and rinse away dirt, you can also rinse a bit of diluted vinegar through your hair if it seems really bad but in most cases you should find once it adjust your hair will start to look all nice & shiny with no more that regular brushing the occasional rinse.

    I personally would also add using a wee bit of Argan oil to my hair If I were to go back to doing the no 'poo routine again (my hairs blue right now & have to wash it to use the dye.. so....)
  17. Ura-Ki

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    Historically I have always had very short hair, Sort of the Modified Mohawk that all Mil guys have, so the last 8 years I have been growing my "Mountain Man" get up! I keep mine at just past the shoulders and the beard at about 8 in. What I have found is brushing and combing will keep it nice and supple with out washing or using any soaps. A trick I use is adding in a few drops of Beard Oil when brushing to get it to 'Hold" the way I want it, and this more then any thing really keeps my head and face warm during the winter months. A good Wool Watch Cap or a Fur Hat will really keep you warm and dry! A trick is use is those 'Sham Wow" type towels, they really help pull water or snow out of your hair and make drying just a couple minutes affair! I like the idea of Mint leaves added in during a wash/rinse to help the skin, as well as the pleasing smell! I have all three species growing so it's easy enough for us! Thanks for that Tip, Will add it in and see how it works!
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  18. arleigh

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    I like. to use skin so soft on my hair .
    good for my scalp and reducing tangling
  19. VHestin

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    I prefer my hair just long enough to tie back. I get my hair cut once a year, just before the cold season, so it will dry faster, and in my hooded winter jacket, short hair is preferable. In the hot season, my hair being longer helps somewhat with staying cool, when I let it air dry as usual.
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  20. Oltymer

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    Your hair is an "antenna" and the longer it gets the more you will begin to "pick up signals" from your surroundings that you would otherwise never notice.
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