how many people keep a electronic device in bob

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  1. hank2222

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    i wonder who keeps a electronic device inside there bob .i keep a apple ipad inside my get out of town bag it hold alot of the personal info on it for medical and insurance reason along with photo's & video of my place and other thing's inside the place ..

    i also have a 12.volt power plug unit for use with the car cig lighter unit in the bag .
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    nice tracer youve given someone access to
  3. Brokor

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    Grundig M400 SW/AM/FM portable radio (very small, about the size of an iPod). It has an alarm, too. Yes, batteries removed during transport. Weighs 3 oz.

    Do flashlights count? Probably not what you intended. Yup, that's it aside from commo.
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  4. BTPost

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    Since I need no BOB, because I live at my BOL, I can't comment on the exact question. I do on occasion travel to the FlatLands, and ALWAYS have Comm Gear, GPS, and IT Gear, in my Kit that is ALWAYS within reach. Just what I carry has changed over the years, and has recently been upgraded AGAIN, with my iPad2 purchase. So, in there for my coming month in the FlatLands, will now be: 1. IPad2 (GPS, Comms, IT Computer) 2. 99 Ch Wideband, Programable VHF Handheld Radio 3. SECURE iDen/ISM Phone 4. 2-3 loaded 13 round Mags for the Browning HiPower (2 if one is in the weapon, 3 if the weapon needs to be unloaded and locked away, in that jurisdiction) 5. 3 Energy Bars 6. Personal FistAid Kit (small, including drugs and my Rx, 2 days worth) 7. Space Blanket 8. Dropper bottle filled concentrated Sodium HypoChlorite. 9. $100US FRNs 10. One of my disposable Credit Cards. 11. Passport 12. Leatherman That covers ALL the basics, and allows three days of atonomous travel to get back to my main Travel Gear. The Comm Gear can be dumped if nessary, and replaced with my Kukuri Knife if the situation requires. The heaviest items are the 9 mm Mags. The whole thing fits in a Fanny Pack, my briefcase, or my Laptop Bag. ..... YMMV....
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  5. Hispeedal2

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    I have no idea if you mean automation-computer type stuff or anything digital, but...

    I keep a Garmin Foretrex 101 in my kit *most of the time. It is the second one I've owned. This one made it through two deployments. The first one was ripped off my wrist. A quick mod by Tactical Tailor near Ft Lewis on the second one added a velcro strap that takes the stress of the spring pins... problem fixed.

    I carry a small camera *usually in my BOB. This baffles most people. I think it comes from my background.

    I also have some SW/AM/FM radios which *sometimes ride. CB in the jeep. I don't usually carry a laptop around with me. Cell phone, of course, is apart of EDC. We have FRS/GMRS radios that take rechargeable or alkaline batteries (the battery part is must IMHO for all electronics.)

    I don't rely on anything electronic to work if TSHTF. I also understand how remote the scenarios are that render the said devices useless. For that reason, I believe they are worth their weight. If those remote possibilities do occur, toss em'. Always carry the analog back ups. Know how to use anything you carry.

    On the battery piece... I prefer my devices to take both rechargeable or disposable. The reason is that I can generally find disposables anywhere. So, if my rechargeables die, I can pop em' out and pop in disposables. The other issue is cost. These devices get regular use from me on trips to the sticks. Being able to take spare disposables is less expensive than having several sets of rechargeables and, generally, the disposables last longer. Today there are several small, packable solar chargers. I have been eyeing these. They are perfect for an extended SHTF scenario for any of your devices that take rechargeable batteries. Anyone used one of these various solar chargers? Some claim to charge even a laptop now.
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  6. BTPost

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    Just a NOTE of clarification, here: The iDen/ISM Phones have a GPS Receiver, resident in the phone, and when in DirecTalk Mode, will give an accurate fix in Latitude and Longitude, in about 90 Seconds. My iPad2 also has a GPS, resident in it, as well as Maps, and will display a "BreadCrumb Track" should one leave the Location Services active. so I carry two GPSs, two Voice Comms, and one IT DataComm device in those three devices. The Adage "Two is One, and One is NONE" comes to mind..... YMMV....

    Oh yea, and need to add 1 other device. I totally spaced out on the Cellphone. I have an OLD Motorola v551 that uses the same charger as my MacBook, iPad2, iDen/ISM Phone, and Vhf Radio. It can be powered from 12 VDC, or 120Vac, and is a very efficient Switching Power Supply. This isn't carried in the Fannypack, but is included in the Briefcase, and Laptop Bag. Which will be at where my Main Travel Gear resides, if I am using the Fannypack. YMMV........
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  7. dragonfly

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    AM/FM radio, x-tra batteries, and a couple flashlights...
    Nothing else electronic. No need.
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  8. Falcon15

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    No electronics outside a couple of LED flashlights, 2 different solar recharger sets and 2 sets of rechargeable LI batts. Really the flashlights are for spotting a path or a quick map check while on the move at night or low light conditions - they have removable red lens covers on them. Other than that my phone and my iPod is part of my EDC in my pocket. One of my solar recharger set ups is for phones/iPods. I carry the phone/iPod cables in my belt pouch.
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  9. Witch Doctor 01

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    Garmin GPSMAP 62st, a couple of LED flash lights , cell phone charger , a broken down solar light to recharge my rechargable batteries, and spare SD chips with additional information stored on them...
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  10. hedger

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    Solar Charger is in our BOB. Who knows what we'll end up having with us when the SHTF?
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  11. Tikka

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    I plan on staying here and I am a Ham operator. So electronics with solar charging and global capabilities.
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  12. thebastidge

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    I have several hundred military manuals and other useful PDFs on my Nook, which I can read for probably 8 hours one a single charge. It recharges from USB, and I have a USB charger in each vehicle, plus I carry the adapter to plug into a wall outlet. I also have many useful books on my iPhone, which also works as a GPS, and works with the same USB charger. I need to get an adapter for my laptop to charge from the car's power point.

    I try to keep the general knowledge in my head, but keep the documentation around for specifics. Nobody can know, remember, or call to mind in an emergency, everything they might need to know.

    I also keep a scanned copy of my passport securely protected on my devices, so that I have at least something that indicates I am a US citizen if I lose my physical passport. They can look it up from my passport number and the barcode.

    In my go-bag, I have FMRS radios with car charge adapter as well as wall adapter. These don't have the option for disposable batteries, unfortunately. But each member of my family and riends who would get together in an emergency has compatible radios (not all the same brand) and we have done radio checks to make sure they work, and everyone knows our standard channel settings.
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  13. Hispeedal2

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    Which one is it? How well does it work?
  14. Wolfgang2000

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    I have a small radio(s) in each veh. Both can be powered by several different options, solar, hand crank, and Batteries. I also have at least 2 flashlights in each veh.. One of which is a hand crank or shake light. They are not great but it beats nothing.
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  15. Robryan

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    With a Brunton Solaris and Impel you will be able to power your electoronic gear in your BOB for a long time probably years.
  16. Gordo

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    yup - my garmin GPS (great till the satelites fall), Night vision monocular, wind up radio, assorted LED lights, and my kindle e-book stocked with lots of mil manuals, how-to and technical guides building,plumbing,electrical,mechanics,chemistry,medical etc).
    Oh yeah - also got some infra red door beams, door bells and a motion/sound activated baby monitor.
    If you ever get one of those birthday cards that play a tune when you open it, rip the mechanism out of it. I find them handy as early warning alarms when rigged to a fishing line trip wire :p
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  17. Gravy

    Gravy Consfearacy

    Check out an Ironkey 32gb flash memory stick. It's expensive, but a good option to keep your data safe and with you at all times. It is waterproof, shockproof, and uses encryption to keep everything safe. 10 failed attempts to hack it and it self-destructs! I also like the included Firefox browser that hides your trail on the internet. In case you have to bug-out, this thing weighs nothing, takes up little space, and ensures you have any info you might need with you (you just have to find a compuker to plug into).
  18. Gold Eagle

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    I have had batteries corrode and recommend caution when leaving them unchecked!
  19. kckndrgn

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    Anything with a battery gets checked when the clocks change in my house. Flashlight in the vehicles get the batteries changed when the clocks change (daylight saving time)
    I have had batteries in my lights start to corrode which is why I started changing them twice a year. The old batteries get "recycled" to be used in the kids toys if they are not corroding.
  20. kckndrgn

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    I just use a "regular" thumb drive and use a program called cryptit. Works great. can setup a hidden encrypted volume that mounts with the correct password, otherwise a "dummy" volume gets mounted. I have had FF & Thunderbird portable installed on the drives as well. Made it so my emails were on the encrypted portion.
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