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    Okay, where to begin? I want to put thought into this and not give out some kind of cockamamie information that won't help anyone. So I'll start at the beginning. DISCLAIMER: I don't have mine set up yet. I am searching for the best contents before assembling one.

    Let's break down what we know.

    EDC (Every Day Carry) Kit
    An EDC kit is some survival things that you carry on you everyday to help in emergency situations. This kit can be separated in different pockets, in a fanny pack, in an Altoids can, etc. It's a small kit and limited in it's scope, though quite useful. This may include things such as a pocket knife, small flashlight, extra currency, etc. If you do not know what it is, then I suggest looking it up.

    BOB (Bug Out Bag)
    A BOB is a backpack, hiker's bag or such that allows you to stay away from home for a certain time period. This may be from the minimum of three days, as advised by FEMA, to a longer stay such as up to a couple weeks. These bags are as varied as the people who put them together. Your experiences and plans will dictate how yours is put together. You can search the site for more on BOBs.

    And now for the reason I created this thread.

    INCH (I'm Never Coming Home) Bag
    This bag, cart, box or what have you, goes beyond the BOB. This is put together in the chance that some natural or man-made disaster takes your home from you. Say you get a warning of a nuclear strike on your home area and you know your home will be utterly destroyed and you never can live in that area again. This bag is designed to help you leave the area and seek out another place you can live.

    I have seen many ideas about this. Some are weapons heavy. Some are food heavy. The ideal bag would be a balance of both security and survivability. You cannot keep your supplies without security and you cannot be secure if you starve to death. This is an example of one such bag I found on the net.

    A (Top Main Compartment of Ruck)
    Wet Weather Bag
    7 Green Socks
    2 Pairs of gloves
    6 White T Shirts
    5 Boxer Briefs
    40oz of Peanut Butter
    Dryer Lint in peanut butter jar (fire starting)
    Guide 10 Solar battery charger
    200rds 7.62x39mm
    100rds .45 ACP
    1000rds of .22lr
    Ruger 10/22 Charger Pistol (fur huntin' skewerls n' such [​IMG] )
    [​IMG]B (Bottom Main Compartment of Ruck)
    Wet Weather Bag
    Gen III Level 2 Top (Waffle Top)
    Gen III Level 2 Pants (Waffle Trousers)
    Gen III Level 1 Top (Silk Top)
    Gen III Level 1 Bottom (Silk Trousers)
    D3A Black Leather Winter Gloves
    Skull Cap
    Head Mosquito net
    Extra Medical Supplies (Tourniquet, 2 Gauzes, Latex Gloves, Band Aids, 2 Israeli Dressings, Bottle of Aspirin, Nyquil Gel Caplets, Water Purification Tablets, Small Container Vaseline)
    Shamwow (for collecting dew, and for other purposes)
    [​IMG]C (Top Fanny Pouch on outside of Ruck)
    Bone Saw
    Skinning Knife
    Gerber Multi Tool
    Multi Vitamins
    4 AA Batteries
    6 AAA Batteries
    Sewing Kit
    Magnesium Fire Starter
    2 P38 Can Openers
    2 small bottles of WD 40
    Small Maglight Flashlight
    Crank Generated Flashlight/AM FM Radio
    LCD Head Lamp
    Blade Sharpener
    Wicked Folding Hand Saw
    Extra gear for Solar Battery Charger
    Razor Blades
    [​IMG]D (Bottom Fanny Pouch on outside of Ruck)
    Roll of fishing line
    Small Tackle Box
    3x 100’ Paracord doughnuts
    2 Bungee Cords
    Zip ties
    E (240B Ammo Pouch on Flap Cover of Ruck)
    Wash Cloth
    Q Tips
    Tooth Brush
    Tooth Paste
    Finger Nail Clippers
    Personal Mirror
    Hand Operated Hair Clippers
    3 bars Unscented Soap
    F (Right Side Pouch)
    FM 3-05.70
    Ranger Handbook
    Watertight box
    Computer external hard drive
    Photos of Family Members
    US Constitution
    Alabama Flag
    Silver Mercury Dimes
    6 Small Candies
    Personal Documents (Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, HS Diploma, DD214, etc)
    Any other Personal Items
    G (Left Side Pouch)
    Katadyn Base Camp filtration system (I hope to update this to the Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter soon)
    2 Extra Water Filters for Base Camp system
    Coffee Filters (inside mess kit)
    German Mess Kit
    H (E-Tool Pouch on Outside of Ruck)
    x8 42gal 3mil Contractor (trash) bags
    1 Gallon Zip Lock Freezer Bags
    Attached to outside of Ruck
    Roll of Duck Tape
    East German Canteen with Hydrogen Peroxide
    x3 1qt Canteens
    Thick Vietnam Era WW Poncho
    GI BDU Poncho
    GI BDU Poncho Liner
    Hennessy Hammock Expedition A-Sym
    Chest Rig, Pistol Belt, and Butt Pack
    Blackhawk Commando Vest
    8 AK Mags (240rds) or 8 10/22 BX-25 mags (200rds)
    First Aid Kit (Duck Tape, Combat Gauze, Tourniquet, Israeli Bandage, gloves)
    6 Glock 21 Magazines (78rds of .45acp)
    ACU Pistol Holster
    Magazine drop pouch
    2x24 Spirit Night Vision Monocular
    KA-BAR 5556 Knife
    Spare food such as Spam, etc. (not shown)
    Cold Steel Frontier Hawk
    Map Case and Camelback
    All Weather Notebook
    All Weather Pen
    Maps of local area, AL, and TN
    Lensatic Compass
    Black Sharpie
    Silver Paint Pen
    4x Pencils
    (Note: The bag used is said to be a MOLLE II rucksack with attachments. It is said to weigh 95lbs.)

    This is not my bag, nor is it the be-all end-all. As I said, your bag may vary. Now I have done enough research on this to know that the idea of an INCH bag is supplemented with caches which have been placed before such a disaster happens. This is a start to get the discussion going.
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  2. Witch Doctor 01

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    At 96 pounds I would want a method of carrying it... a running stroller would allow you to carry an additional 30 pound bob in the event you need to move fast....
  3. Mindgrinder

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    This is pretty kick ass idea actually...
    Good post @TailorMadeHell

    Shopping cart...
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  4. Witch Doctor 01

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    large wheeled Golf bag.... bicycle trailer... lots of options...
  5. TailorMadeHell

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    Exactly. The contents was taken from a military guy. I don't know if he was or not. I didn't research him. I will say that if he was or is, not a lot of people are in that good a shape to tote that. I know that as you use stuff, some of the weight will lessen, though that is most likely a negligible amount. For what you lose, you may gain again by resupply. I will look at this list and others of its kind to have an idea for one setup. Some you can live without, others you shouldn't try. One list I saw says only a 22 rifle and they mention 10k rounds of ammo. One said a 25# bag of rice. Suggestions on what to remove, what to add or just ideas on it can get us closer to what Joe or Jane Average can move with assurance. I also realize that some have BOLs though others don't.
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  6. Tempstar

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    Around here, the rolling golf bag carriers are cheap and plentiful at the thrift stores. They have wheels made for off road and a large duffel or backpack fits right on. And if you can ruck a 95# pack, you won't need defensive firearms.....
  7. Meat

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    Cool thread. I've got some catching up to do. :D
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  8. arleigh

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    My plan is a cart I built so that I could take my gardening with me, because if Im not coming back it's likely I'l have to start growing my own food.
    I took a wheel chair with solid rubber tires and steel conduit with the connectors they use for building shade at swap meets.
    I can configure the cart to accommodate any configuration necessary . It can handle 300 lbs very nicely.
    Having fought fire in the forest service, I don't take any thing for granted, the those tools go with me as well .
    Difficult as it is to haul water ,hauling water filters is more important and I am including several methods as well as a distiller .
    I have a large fresnel lens that is easy to bring along for cooking with out fire, boiling the distiller, and preheat rocks for night time comfort.
    Large roll of plastic sheeting for various needs including green house, rain collection, and shelter.
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    Fresnal Lens... is that the magnifying reader thing that's the size of a page?
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    Look at the pictures of infantry from Afghanistan and Iraq. In one picture they have a pack; in another they don't. Infantry drops their packs if they need to fight. A person foraging for survival cannot afford to drop their pack.

    Same as many others we live in the woods. We don't have 30 meg internet and the nearest pharmacy. ABC or grocery store is miles away. I'm not being rude, mean or survival anti social; however, do us a favor and bug out some place else.
    I apologize if that sounds crude and rude. However what do you offer us except killing off all our game, raiding our gardens and more.
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  11. AxesAreBetter

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    What am I missing, Tikka?
  12. Tikka

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    I doubt you are missing much. Or do you believe us hicks in the sticks will welcome hundreds?
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  13. AxesAreBetter

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    So, you are commenting about bugging out? I'm just missing the context for the post...seemed to be a "that escalated quickly" moment, and I'm lost.
  14. Tikka

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    What I am saying is where are all these people bugging out to and hopefully not here.

    We live on 49.1 acres of forest. There is game, fish and we have gardens. I'm sure if SHTF happens, many will be glad to move in and strip the land and move on.

    Thousands leave the cities and suburbs; where do they plan to settle?

    What I am saying is what about us who drove a 40 mile one way commute for years to live where we do?
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  15. arleigh

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    I believe that what you can expect ,is the there will be locals that will close of their own areas to prevent out siders from exploiting their resources .
  16. Brokor

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    Great post. There are lots of people out there who have dedicated a great deal of time in finding a practical solution for as many conceivable scenarios as possible; some people have concentrated on the bug out routine to the extent of not ever coming home. The "INCH" acronym is very useful and really does accurately describe the primary difference between the typical bug out from never coming home philosophy. I would like to point out that many of the same principles still apply, even though there may be an alteration in perspective. For instance, we should always remain practical and we still must carry or find a means to transport our kit. The core concept is still identical --the individual will be on the move and most likely on foot. We can allow for alternative methods to move, such as having a vehicle or towing equipment like a bicycle or even the ubiquitous tactical wheelbarrow. No matter what, the importance of actually testing these concepts to see if they will work is paramount to success.

    From the list above, a few things poke out at me, but only because it's based on my own preferences. First, I would limit the different types of ammo as much as possible and stick to one or two calibers, utilizing cross-platform capabilities for my weapon systems. For example, if one is using a 5.56/.223 rifle, they could also have a .22 conversion kit and this way they can use one rifle with only two types of ammunition, saving weight and being more practical. There are also conversion kits for handguns, and not everybody will choose to carry a sidearm. The second, is the use of multivitamins in the list. I would use survival tabs, which are meant to supplement your food source and provide essential vitamins and minerals at the same time. I wouldn't ignore the skills aspect we must possess, as having the ability to procure food from various sources while on the move, although challenging, is completely within our capabilities. Therefore, a light, rugged, and dependable fishing and trapping kit might prove to be useful for any extended carry option. The third is WD-40 or anything which is expendable. We should heavily weigh the importance of each item and decide if we can do without them or not. I understand the WD-40 can come in quite handy to improve tools and assist with wood cutting, but we can also use animal fats/tallow or do without. Every item weighs something.
  17. Kingfish

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    Well, I cant bug out . My wife cant walk a mile much less out of a disaster zone. I am far enough removed from high population centers that Im not going to even try.. If I cant use a vehicle I cant move. I would think that any "never come home pack" would be equipped with long term scavenging tools. Going to be breaking in to many homes and stores looking for supplies. This type of nomad is going to come into contact with a lot of guys like me who are dug in and sitting it out. I dont think one can carry enough ammo . You will need to hunt forage and raid to live. Nothing beats a .22 rifle for long term on the run. You can carry several thousand rounds of .22 lr. Several hundred rounds of .223 and even less of anything else. My load out as far as weapons go would be a Ruger 10/22 and 4 bricks of ammo or 2000 rounds. I would do everything I could to avoid people. One good multi tool, lots of water purification straws. Vitamins, One good Knife and a .22 pistol . I have some High calorie food bars and trail mix, Raman and of course the food kit for cooking and boiling water. But I would stress that you will HAVE TO BE an expert at foraging because you can NOT carry enough to never go home. You will be always looking for food and water. ALWAYS. Shelter would most likely be all around as Homes deserted and cars, trucks campers etc will be all over the place. The question will be are they uninhabited? Many will argue against the .22 . Go ahead. We proved in Militia Training that over 95% of engagements will be under 100 yards and anyone with a good .22 is in the game if he can shoot and move. You will also have to find weapons and ammo as you go. Forget the urge to start carving stick weapons. Stay with modern until you cant.

    But this type of scenario is always talked about and always ends up with the same arguments. It would be a tough road to hoe out on your own with what you can carry. I would not wish that ON ANYONE HERE. The variables are so wide that one cant even begin to determine what he or she will need. That is why I am in the bug in group. Even if my wife died I would still stay here because I have the things here to survive. Food, water, shelter and a defensible position. On the road I am a stranger everywhere. I dont know the land, the game areas, the local people etc. Nope here I am king of my castle, the master of my little A.O. I am better here than anywhere else.
  18. kellory

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    1383577995978. IMG_20150614_143646929_HDR. fresnel lens. This one is @24"x36" with grommets in the corners, it would need no frame. And it can be rolled, as long as it is not too tight. (Might crack)
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  19. arleigh

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    Yours is better than mine .
    mine won't focus down far enough to get that hot , but it does get hot enough to cook.
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  20. TailorMadeHell

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    Well as "distasteful" as the hordes of roamers go you can guess how many varied types there will be. It will be a fact of life that those in bad ways will try to find better conditions. There will be raiders and refugees. Raiders are to be watched and possibly eliminated. Refugees are, for some reason or other, in a bad way and trying to survive. Captain One-Man-Army may do good by himself in his hidey hole, though even he can't stand against a horde. If I had a BOL and found a useful person to add to my community, I.e. a doctor, then I'd try to recruit them. Not all refugees will be a bad decision if you include them. It's understandable to want to protect your AO and manage what you have, though some might come with their own supplies and just need a safe place to start over. It goes back to weighing the consequences against the rewards. If your group already is at limit, then obviously you most likely can't handle additions. If you are just a couple, another person may have added benefit.
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