Lesson learned: Children do listen to you

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    Inspired by @Zimmy ‘s thread about teaching children. It is now confession time. I learned that my kid listens to me.They learn from me, I learn from them. I do not know how many times it has happened over the years; my son will walk by and ask what I am reading. If I am on Survival Monkey reading, I may answer: looking at memes, edible trees, mistakes made/lessons learned, guns, gardening etc.… One day he asked whatcha reading? And I must have responded, “about pine trees. They are medicinal so are the needles.” That is true but that is not the rest of the knowledge that needs to be shared. It was not everything I knew.

    Fast forward to a few months ago. The kid and his buddies were in the garage with the rocket stove going. I walked through the garage, asked whatcha cooking? I didn’t stop and he responded, pine needle tea. I got into the house and my brain clicked, registering what he had said. I flew back into the garage saying some needles are poisonous. Don’t drink it, where are the needles… the situation turned serious in a moment. I saw three different types of branches fir/pine and my heart sank. I knew things could get really bad, really fast. It could be a trip to the ER or worse. His buddies left scared. I bagged up the different needles incase I needed to turn them over to the ER. I sent a text to my Monkey mentor who responded, some pine and fir trees are like mushrooms and can kill you. Just watch him.

    It was a sleepless night. I kept getting up and checking on my so, thankfully he was fine. I learned a real harsh lesson that night. I learned that my boys listen to me so it is my duty to make sure what I say is said correctly and fully. I know wild edibles can be deceiving, deadly and hard to identify. Even experts have died.

    What we learn and talk about here on Survival Monkey is serious. Beware what you share and how you share it. I made a mistake; the boy made a mistake. That mistake could have killed my son.

    TOTM June, 2015 - Mistakes made, lessons learned

    Mistakes but lessons
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    I taught my kids how to roll when they stumble and do a PLF (parachute landing fall) when they jump off stuff as fast as they started walking.

    My youngest (at about 4 years old) climbed this big ass tree while on vacation in Florida. It was one of the ones where the limbs reach the ground.

    Before we knew it he was up the tree about 15'. He waved and fell out of the tree like it had disappeared beneath him.

    Praise God in Heaven, the little shit did a perfect PLF and rolled up to his feet without a scratch. Four adult hearts slowly lurched back into motion.

    Yeah, my training saved him. My training also gave him a false self confidence that could have crippled him.
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    Really glad everything turned out ok. Your a good mom , you take the time to teach your kids as well as have them teach you. And your listening to them is essential in these days. I think so many kids end up down the wrong path just because of inattentive or preoccupied parents. (y)
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    And they pay the most attention to what you do and not what you say. Most children have a very high BS detector and if you have any hope of civilizing them and preparing them for the future, you not only have to talk, you have to do as well. It is probably the greatest test that any one of us will ever face and our present society both ignores it and attempts to transfer the responsibility to other parties, TV, Schools, etc. Don't look good.
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    Raise your children in the way that they should go, and when they are old they will not depart.

    Or something like that...
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    My heart sunk a bit reading that story. Glad it turned out great but what a story. He just wanted to be fearless like he saw his Dad.
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    Oh spit... and I thought all pine needles and bark were eatable, what now MM, will there be a short story from you on the differences?

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    We listen, too!
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    Watch out for the inedible pine trees. Norfolk Island Pine (Araucaria heterophylla), the Yew (Taxus) and Ponderosa Pines (Pinus ponderosa — aka Western Yellow Pine, Blackjack Pine, or Bull Pine).

    Avoid these poisonous bark or needles! Learn which trees are edible and which are not before you go chomping down. Lest you compromise your health.

    Plates of the bad trees
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    And then you have the children that will not listen to you or, more likely, only hear only what they want... We have an 11 yr-old, a child of a friend of my wife, that visits regular... and drives me nuts. He will not listen to a darn thing you tell him. He's a nice kid, very bright, but doesn't listen and then gives a ton of excuses. I have finally said that I don't wish him coming here any more. He, of course, doesn't understand because he thinks he can do no wrong and everyone else is wrong. So, I have given up trying to reach him. Mother told me he has an attention disorder to which I replied, "Not my problem nor the world's and he and you need to learn to deal with it...before it's too late." My harsh words sort of smacked her into reality but we'll see. My point is children are indeed sponges but many hear only what they want...which is the fault of the parents. I think it is too late for this kid but we'll see...
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    Actually @Dunerunner posted the dangers, good trees, bad trees here:
    Vitamin C vs. the unseen Scurvy Epidemic post #8
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    They use the "diagnosis" as an excuse for the behavior, and just leave it at that.
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