Long term gasoline storage experiment - 37 months

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    I didn't do it intentionally, and I do try to rotate my gas cans at least annually, but this one got lost in the barn. I had put it up on August 12, 2013. Back then gas was $3.54 a gallon.

    I preserved this five gallon can with 5.5 ounces of BG CF5. Car doesn't seem to run any different, so I guess I have done a long-term test of my storage fuel without meaning to.

    BG representative had told me that the CF5 would preserve gasoline "indefinitely." I think I've pushed that about as far as I care to.

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    I've always used Stabil and then do my best not to exceed a year's storage. I'd never heard of BG and it sounds interesting, especially the anti ethanol stuff. Thanks.

    I live in an area where I can buy non ethanol gas so just this week I'm emptying my gas cans of the regular gas and replacing it all with the good stuff. It costs more, but I particularly want to run it in the generator.
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    I've burned gas as old as four years in a generator - no problem. Wouldn't want to push it past that.
    Sure as hell wouldn't try that stunt in a vehicle.
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    I have 165 gallons of diesel stored in refurbished oil drums and want to store gasoline. What should I store it in? Worried about blowing my self up.
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    I have tried PRI-G and Stabil. I don't bother with them anymore. Despite all the hype and conventional "wisdom", I am not convinced fuel "stabilizers" work. For example, when you check out the MSDS info on the PRI-G to ascertain it's ingredients, its mostly just a mineral oil manufactured by Shell. Maybe it can dissolve volatile constituents of fuel to keep them from evaporating, but then they won't vaporize to facilitate engine starting any better than if they had evaporated off. And it's not clear, maybe I'm missing something which is quite possible, that the particular Shell mineral oil will mitigate the ability of ethanol to dissolve moisture which exacerbates it's corrosiveness. My carbs have gummed up just as much with additives as without. My old gas with additives didn't start an engine any better than without.

    Frankly, I get far better results doing two things instead of using expensive additives:
    1. Drain the tank and/or at least run the carb dry whenever finished using a small engine if I don't expect to use it again within a month.
    2. Store fuel in heavy (as in steel or military fuel cans) very well sealed containers so moisture can not enter through temperature and ambient air pressure changes and those containers also reduce the the more volatile constituents of the fuel from escaping through evaporation. Shake before using and I've used fuel 3 years old no problem.

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