Russia Is Deploying The Largest Naval Force Since The Cold War For Syria

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    The Russian Fleet will arrive off the Syrian coast within a week or so. It appears as thought the end game is near and it will likely escalate very quickly from a regional conflict into a world-wide war. The Mediterranean Sea will be filled with military ships from several NATO countries as well as the Russian Northern Fleet and even a Chinese Destroyer. This does not bode well and one slip up or perceived threat could trigger rapid escalation.

    The Russians are not backing down from US threats and have themselves shown extremely capable advanced weapons such as this encounter with the USS Donald Cook. in 2014.

    As a Russian jet approached the USS Donald Cook, an electronic device aboard the fighter disabled all radars, control circuits, systems, information transmission, etc. on board the US destroyer. In other words, the all-powerful Aegis system, now hooked up - or about to be - with the defense systems installed on NATO’s most modern ships was shut down, as turning off the TV set with the remote control.

    The Russian Su-24 then simulated a missile attack against the USS Donald Cook, which was left literally deaf and blind. As if carrying out a training exercise, the Russian aircraft - unarmed - repeated the same maneuver 12 times before flying away.

    Our government seems to be under the delusion that Russia is still a backward country whose military is falling apart and comprised of rusted out hulks and ancient weapons. According to what I've read, nothing could be further from the truth. Russia has spearheaded the development of electronic weapons capable of taking out our power grid and critical control systems such as those that control nuclear plants.

    This all bears discussing if anyone is interested.

    For now, I am stocking up further on foodstuffs and other necessities.

    The Mediterranean Sea in late 2013.
    It is even more crowded as we speak.

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    I believe that the disabling of the Aegis system was debunked. I'm lazy though and haven't found the thread where this was hashed, re-hashed and overly hashed out.

    And that map looks crowded because nothing is to scale. In general, the med is large enough that most of the fleets couldn't see each other. My brother was over there a LOT over the last 20 years in the Navy and that infographic is more than just a little misleading.
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    One thing I do not worry about with a conflict with Russia is a naval conflict. Yes, I know there are those that are screaming about how weak our navy is now and over stretched and some of it is true. But, look at the numbers...unless Russia could bring the rest of the world's navy against us then there might be a problem but if not then, quite frankly, their navy will be annihilated.

    The Med does pose a bit of a different naval engagement problem since it's so small, meaning land aircraft would be involved in the conflict also. Nevertheless, that works both ways.

    I do find it interesting to note that the Russians have moved their North Fleet down to the Med...they really want to make their point clear. Also note, that if one is to believe the papers and to some extent on this I do, have been on a war footing since 2008 pouring money into their military, that's 8 years. IIRC Hitler did it in 3.5 years.
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    What they don't say is that if we were being attacked, that SU-24 would have been toast.

    I personally don't believe the story.

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    If everybody keeps packing war ships into the Med bathtub it won't take but a spark to start the bloodletting. Kind of like running a piece of steel through your bench grinder with an opened keg of gunpowder sitting just below it.

    Are there any adults in the house?

    Hopefully the Globalists won't get the war they are praying for because the American Peasant will once again be the big looser, no matter who claims victory for the war. We'll once again give our blood and fortunes to prop up a failing economic system.

    In case your wondering an American Peasant = anyone earning less than $250,000 a year, which I think covers everybody on this board.
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    If Hillary gains the White House...she has made it clear that she will order enforcement of a no fly zone in Syria..which is ironic since we are in the country illegally to begin with, and she will increase support of the rebel forces to overthrow Assad.
    Russia, who is in the country legally at the request of the Syrian government has maintained that any attempt to implement a no fly zone would be considered an act of war.
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    Yea, the U.S. Destroyer was NOT rendered def and blind! The Key word here is Aegis! That system was fazed out almost 20 years ago! The system employed on today's Burke's is light years ahead of any thing the Russians could ever imagine, AND, it's jamb proof, and impossible to render useless even with a very powerful EMP!!! And here's something else, The U.S. Navy has at the Command of it's Destroyer Fleets, THE very best and brightest skippers ever to sail the seven seas, and NO air craft could ever get with in Missile launch range of one if they didn't want it to! DO you really think the Navy would intentionally let a snooper skim even the smallest Siglent from one of it's premier Man-O-War? Not likely! The current crop of Burks could defeat the entire Russian Navy before the Russians were even with in launch range of there own weapons systems! Add in the strength of Deployed U.S. Air forces, and this would be a very short and one sided exchange!!!
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    With a closing speed in excess of 600 knots, I would not want to take that bet. Destroyers are dead without CAP if aircraft are involved. Surface targets will have to work hard to get at them, for sure.
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    Interesting thing to note here, The single LARGEST Russian Naval fleet is still tied along side, as they have been for two years! The Once Great and Feared Grand Black Sea Fleet!!! For those Non Military folk, have a Look online at Jane's 2016 warship's and you will find a very interesting comparison of the current U.S. fleets and there strength, vs any other Navy of note! Russia is about 1/4 the U.S. in terms of fleet size and strength as well as ONE key point, No Carrier Battle Group's They currently have only three "Assault carriers" capable of roughly 1/3 that of a U.S. carrier air group, and even then, that's at reduced capacity due to the carriers limited range and it's lack of space to host the serious part of an air wing. At the worst, ONE American Carrier could dominate the entire Med, and add in the offensive capabilities of the Carrier Task Force et all, and there is No Navy that could stand and fight ONE U.S. Carrier Division, let alone TWO of them! Add in close to 100 additional PMG's ( Patrol Motor Gunboats ) of the Navies brown water fleet's and that is enough to put a serious blockade of that battle space. As pointed out above, with the Black Sea Fleet out of the picture, that also means Russia Lacks any serious land based Air Forces that could threaten the U.S. Fleet's unless they tried long range bombers which would get shot down long before they even left Russian Airspace!!! The Only REAL threat Russia has is it's Sub Fleet! With 33 Boats total, they still have a very credible threat level, but of those boats, only half are serviceable at any one time, and they are so noisey, even a deaf man at the sonar can hear one 20 miles out! It is estimated that of all boats Russia currently has available to it at any one time, fewer then 4 are offensive missile boats, of those, only ONE could feasibly make it into the MED, the others are stationed in Ark Angle, and two in Kamchecketa. The remaining 3 are out of service for at least the next year+ having reactor's replaced and refueled! Great Briton could fight this single handed and come out on top, and they are just about as stripped down as Russia is! France is the only Ally of note with any thing approaching a Navy, and we all know how much trust to put forth with them! India is too busy in that part of the world to play any part in a Med action, but is big enough to pose a serious threat if called on! Good thing we are allies! Now if things were really bad, and that meant the Black Sea Fleet were a part of the Russian response to the Med, then were talkin a serious fight close at hand, that fleet is made up of TWO classes of surface ship a Destroyer Class almost the equal of our Burke Class, but the scary class is the Heavy Cruisers! Those two types ( the only two types they have) Could put the hurt on us in that area, in Blue Waters not so much!
    Don't let reports of these types of events miss lead ya into thinking things are going south, all Navies involved have been there in the med for YEARS, and are well aware of each other, and know who to conduct actions with out getting into trouble! I would not worry until the Shootin Starts, and even then, I would wanna know who is doin the shootin before I were to be worried!
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    Love it when you guys roll out facts to debunk this crap! Much appreciation for your post @Ura-Ki
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    "Giants in the playground." - John J. Sheridan, Babylon 5

    If you are a B5 fan, then you know to what I am referring. ;)
    The only question which remains is, which are Vorlons and which are the Shadows?
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    The 'mighty' Russian fleet is the only one that I know of that deploys more than one ocean going tug as part of the package.

    That way, when these old and decrepit Soviet-built hulks craps out (again) they can be towed into a port for possible repairs.
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