Troops Ordered To Kill All Americans Who Do Not Turn In Guns

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  1. Quigley_Sharps

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  2. Tikka

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    If and when it comes to that we will see how many were talkers and how many were willing to die.
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  3. enloopious

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    Why wait? They have been pushing us past various lines in the sand for years. This sounds like peace through slavery. Take action today. Don't wait for your turn in line. A bad plan today is better than no plan tomorrow. There are all kinds of things you can do RIGHT NOW to take back your freedom. Standing up to a bully is the only way to stop them and these guys have been bullying and bullying for a really long time.

    I know, you are going to ask me "what can I do?" Everyone always asks that. I was on the phone with Michael Badnarik a while back and I asked him something similar. I have the whole conversation recorded on a computer somewhere. He told me a story about a law that passed in a small town (I don't remember where) banning all weapons. When the people found out about this they immediately got in their cars and started circling the state building honking their horns. They were pissed and started shouting and demanding their freedom back. The politicians hid in the building for fear of losing their lives. These people had no guns, no weapons of any kind other than cars and honking horns but they got this statute overturned within a couple of hours just by being angry and standing up to the bastards.

    So yes, anger just may be the key to freedom. Teach your kids how to fight with their brains, their fists, and their weapons. A fist fight is GOOD for society! Go out and start a fight! Let someone beat you up. A true sign of strength is not how hard you can hit but how hard a hit you can take.
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  4. Cruisin Sloth

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    1 hr Hard to watch , but seen one of these first hand ..

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  5. kellory

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    I have cops in the family. That was sickening to watch.
  6. Harbin

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    I'll have to watch that second video later on my laptop, won't show up on mobile. After watching the first video, I'm now less optimistic for this year being a quiet one. I think the time is upon us to get any preps that might have been put off asap. Ignoring commentary and just reading the doc is bad enough.

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  7. CATO

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    And that is exactly why the Founders thought it prudent to put in the 2nd Amendment using VERY clear verbiage.

    . . . . also why you should own an AR or an AK and a 6+ round shotgun.
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  8. enloopious

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    You know the irony of this whole thing is that there are TV shows in the major media that people take more serious than these real videos that show exactly the opposite. That is the real horror. Perhaps taking out some TV networks would be a mighty blow to the slave masters.

    I have asked for a complaint form at my local police station in Pasadena, CA and they wouldn't give me one. They locked me in a room with a 200lbs gorilla for an hour at which time I felt worse than I did when I entered. Nothing ever came of it but I left the city before they could retaliate.

    I dated a girl who was arrested for drunk driving and beaten by the police, stripped, and taken to jail where the medics collapsed veins in both arms and left her on the floor in a dirty cell where a crack whore told her she looked really bad. The full extent of the encounter hasn't yet been told to me but that was enough.

    One time when I worked at a bar in San Bernardino, CA, two off duty sheriffs came in and proceeded to break things, beat up a few college kids, and try to rape an old lady before I called the police who broke it up and let them drive home without any charges.

    Don't wait. Organize today. We should start a network of militia franchises all over the world.
  9. scrapman21009

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    I made it through both, now I feel, that is just disturbing, and the worst part is this is but a small sample of the larger picture
  10. -06

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    What ever comes or goes we should be about building our third boxes supplies. IMO, they will be needed.
  11. Tikka

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    Although they are excellent for survival, looter protection and home defense etc; in combat shotguns are too slow to reload, lack penetration and range. If they were good, they would be the issue weapon of a military somewhere on the planet and they aren't.
  12. CATO

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    All true. That's why I said you need to own a rifle AND and shotgun. They are all tools and each has their specialized job. Home defense can also include defense against jack-boot thugs. Moreover, your everyday LEO is likely to have a shotgun in his patrol car with sabot shells, which have no problems hitting their target at 150 yds. With a near 400 grain round, it packs a wallop.

    These posts about "if you only had one weapon . . . ." make me shake my head. You need at least 5.
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  13. Tikka

    Tikka Monkey+++

    The everyday LEO isn't in combat. ;) Plus according to Mr. Ayoob most are more adept with the books than the firearms.

    Quite a wallop, but shotguns aren't known for turning cover into concealment. Plus, against hardened targets, it falls short to much lighter bullets with a piece of tungsten steel inside. I can shoot a moa group at 200m which isn't easy with that 400 gr sabot.
    The one long arm and pistol are for those who plan to bug out; my question is to where as others already live there.
  14. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    Just wait till they plug in everything internet, data collector/pole camera, Fusion Centers, 911 centers, cellphone, land line phone, smart meter, the new 2.5 BILLION dollar UTAHnsaSPYcenter for North won't fart without it being filtered, reviewed, and archived.· pixel-vfl3z5WfW.

  15. oldawg

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    And I hope they gag and pass out when I do.
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  16. CATO

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    If the govt. can do that, I will be impressed. It's been my experience they're not very good at things (with the exception of the military).

    pixel-vfl3z5WfW. 582445_388380891253661_1743573919_n.
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  17. kellory

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    I am quite comfortable with a shotgun for defense, as i am not a professional sniper. I can and have killed deer at more than 150yards with iron sights, and sabot slugs. But their greatest advantage, is in they don't HAVE to be aimed perfectly at close range. Buckshot (multiple variations) is very effective at close range, rifled slugs, or sabots tear great holes, and i have located a company that makes specialty rounds, including flechettes, parachute flares, spike rounds, and starshots. (including in .410 ga, which was what I was looking for)
    It may not be quite as fast to load as slapping in a Mag, but i can reload between shots, and fire around corners with a better chance of hitting my target, than with a rifle.
    What I have read about shotguns in battle, was that they were considered an inhumane weapon, (whatever the heck that is) and forbidden by Geneva Convention. (This may have changed, I don't know.)
    Also, they now have shotgun launched tazer rounds, for non-lethal takedowns. Metal Storm and Taser developing less than-lethal ammunition
    And lazer guided Self-guided bullet could hit laser-marked targets from a mile away
    So, with a 12ga. shotgun, and the right ammo, I can hit a target at a mile, (laser guided) tazer at short range, fire a grapnel hook (I have seen them), shoot through doors or walls with slugs, or alley sweep with shot, set fires at long range with starshot, or light up the enemy with flares, or signal. as well as hunt animals.
    Rifles have their place, if i need to reach out and touch something, but I will not be giving up my shotgun any time soon. A shotgun has options.
  18. ditch witch

    ditch witch I do stupid crap, so you don't have to

    I got crossways with an entire PD when I was 17 and got a nasty taste of how cops stick together and cover each other's backs no matter what. Then in my early and equally stupid twenties I dated a dirty cop, and got an eyefull of what some cops can and will get away with, and the contempt they hold for us unwashed masses. And again, what happens when you piss one of them off. Valuable lessons, those were.

    I have some very good cop friends today, but if ever I am in an emergency and need help asap, I won't be dialing 911. I'll either speed dial those specific cops, or deal with it myself.
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  19. Brokor

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    The Fusion centers are outsourced. Also, Israel has a monopoly in the communications industry. The corporate media likes to spin this myth about government incompetence, but that's only to bring about the consolidation of the powers (Homeland Security) under one umbrella. The more people are subconsciously chimed in to the Fourth Reich, the more of a reality it becomes.

    Just perusing some old threads I posted in on the same subject, I found it interesting (The first six especially):

    Congress' plan would let AG 'ban guns at will'
    Wikileaks | Page 7
    Citibank refusing Firearms related charges | Page 2
    Somebodys..Supporters Rally In Support of Oakland Cop Killer
    Timing of financial collapse in America
    The door has almost closed | Page 5
    New domestic terrorists
    Are Precious Metals Being Quietly Confiscated? | Page 2
    Concentration Camps: HR 645 Introduced
    US Army is investigating civilian murders?
    Chilling Deja Vue
    "American police force" investigated
    US Army to Patrol in the USA | Page 3
    Do you care about gun free zones?
    Secret FEMA Plan To Use Pastors as Pacifiers
    New Drug Cartel Tactics
    Will the police-troops fire upon us citizens?
  20. Cruisin Sloth

    Cruisin Sloth Special & Slow

    Ms Witch
    I also Got crossways plus as a kid , seen the same stuff , I noticed it was Them and US in their thinking ...

    Id be real hard pressed to call a cop , seen them make there own laws as I was working security transportation on the last summit in Vancouver.. to the point that later I came up with , "they"( as in cops) needed to escalate the protest walk into something so they looked like they were needed (justify the coin spent ) ..
    The cops started it , with their own dressed as walking protesters , when one of the instigators of this protest tried to show his cop ID and leave the rioting area behind ME , then He was dropped from Military gents (hidden in the secure area) who were on standby just behind me ALL DAY .(Military & we/I spoke back & forth all day , and since we were the only "official" secure transportation, we had coffee & treats dropped every 2 hrs , plus lots of food, they knew me/us )
    way Later that evening was when I and the rest put all of this COP BS all together ..

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