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    Post a link to your best solution topic.
    Ideally its been posted its on the Monkey before And its a solution to a survival topic/problem
    Lets dig thru the archives!

    Poor Man's Barter Items | Survival Monkey Forums

    Gear Review - EDC Lockpick Set (Brokor's Recommendation) | Survival Monkey Forums

    The Basics: Critical 10 C's to Survival | Survival Monkey Forums

    Recipe - CONDIMENTS from scratch with shopping list | Survival Monkey Forums

    These are some of my favorites

    What are your favorite solutions?
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    @Ganado I love this thread. There are some threads that I keep in my favorites that I revisit often.

    This is one of my favorites great discussion and one of the first threads I read,
    Preventive Medicine-Personal | Survival Monkey Forums

    This was @GOG's first thread The first garden at our BOL | Survival Monkey Forums
    and it was so great to see members helping members, it has some information in there that I need for future growing.

    Favorite all time thread- @Mindgrinder made me a video on growing mint. Motomint.... most wonderful.
    Mint - No Need To Start From Seed | Survival Monkey Forums

    Plus anything from @Gopherman is always informative. Gophermans Little Farm | Survival Monkey Forums

    I like gardening.
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    it is but i have to leave something for other people to post =)
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