Enough With The Executive Orders, Already

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TXKajun, Feb 8, 2017.

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    When Obama started in on his use of executive orders many years ago to get his way without going through congress and getting laws passed, I started getting upset. When he ramped it up a whole bunch his last year, I moved toward pissed.

    Now, his Trumpness has started off with EOs out the wazoo. I am NOT HAPPY! The use of these EOs like he has been doing turns him into a dictator, IMHO. We have the best form of government in the world USE IT, DONALD!! Enough already with the EOs.

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    I kind of agree. The executive isn't supposed to make law. They are supposed to run the bureaucracy, and presidents have used EO's thus since George Washington. I think the EO's coming from Trump have been useful to signal a change in policy and haven't bridged the separation of powers. Still, given Trump's background of being a CEO, it's best to stay vigilant and urge the working relationship between the executive and the legislative branches.
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    Before every one gets too bent out of shape over E.O's there is something that needs to be known about them! The POTUS is not writing any laws, an E.O. is POTUS directing what ever agencies that the order encompass's TO ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS or to UPHOLD LAWS that are not being followed. E.O. are them self's not law, only lawful directives.
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    With regards to the quantity, and frequency of EOs being spewed out of the WhiteHouse:

    Far be it for me to cut Drumpf any slack whatsoever, but he is only just in the beginning of his Presidency, and he wants to set his stamp on his administration by winding back the policies of his predecessor(s); reward the consumers of his election schtick that got him over the line and into the White House; and set the momentum of his own ruling ideological agendas. Therefore, a flurry of EOs at the beginning of his administration is to be entirely expected.

    It is possible that as time goes on, Drumpf's reliance on EOs to get business done may diminish somewhat.....perhaps....until towards the end of his administration, when he is likely to ram through as many (ba$tard EOs) as he can, forcing the succeeding administration to either foster them by accepting them stet, or to kill them off by with a flurry of their own rescission EOs.

    As to building working relationships between the executive, judiciary and the legislative branches of government, I don't think the El Presidente is all that interested....consensus building is not his thing, and I have no doubts that he'd throw his Republican confreres under the bus, just as quickly as he seems to be presently doing with the 4th estate, and the judiciary, if they do not toe his line.

    Expect more "presidential" temper tantrums and bad behavior. America certainly has the dear leader that it deserves.
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    Before we start in on Thump and the E.O's coming out, he is still just starting out, and his administration is still getting on it's feet, the legislative sessions are also yet to begin, and THUMP is just getting the ball rolling with getting Gov to do it's damn job!
  7. duane

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    The present political process in the US is broken, and while that has its good points as well as its weaknesses, the President has been forced or allowed, to replace the congress in many areas. The present political deadlock prevents the congress from doing anything about anything and the day by day situations are now more and more being determined by the bureaucrats and more and more of us are starting to realize that and the election of Trump indicates that we at least want a symbolic change in the way things are run.The executive orders, the court decrees, the regulations and civil orders of the bureaucrats, the state and local laws, now dominate both our lives and our jobs. Going to be interesting as the 2 political parties seem to have totally different views as to what the problems are and how to solve them and neither is willing to compromise.
  8. VisuTrac

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    EO's. It how things get done now.
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    most I was going to say has been said. Relax @TXKajun, most of what he is doing is stopping/reversing the crap that Odumbmass shoved up our kazoo. I am not happy with executive orders as a rule. Reversing tyrannical previous EOs, not so much. Once his cabinet is filled in and the Congress actually back to doing their jobs. You and I are then on the same page and let us hope he will give Congress a chance to do what is right for the USA
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  10. Ura-Ki

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    tacmotusn Nailed it!!!
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    "...most of what he is doing is stopping/reversing the crap that Odumbmass shoved up our kazoo."
    Exactly! @tacmotusn Well said, Sailor!
  12. BlueDuck

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    Yep, well said indeed. We first need to stop the bleeding.
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  14. Legion489

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    I too think we have the best FORM of gov't in the world, but unfortunately it has been subverted by small minded fools that want to control everyone and everything so they can feel, well not superior too, because there is no way even they can/could pull that one off, but less useless and scummy. Or at least they can tell themselves that anyway.

    A gov't, a web site, or a social group is only as good as it's leadership. If you have fools and idiots running wild attacking any signs of intelligence or knowledge so they can feel they are "in control" or "better than", it is a sure sign they are not, and have never been, in control, or better than, anything, including themselves.

    Unfortunately Trump is in the position of trying to get his people in place after YEARS of the fools and scum pouring sand in the machinery trying to subvert our way of life. On top of that, he has the fools and scum attacking him at every turn (I can feel his pain as I too suffer from the slings and arrows of the stupid attacking for no apparent reason other than they are inferior) and undermining him at every turn (ditto). So he has to get a handle on the situation as quickly as he can. Is it ideal? No, but it is the best he can do at this point. Give the man a chance to see what what he can do before attacking him before he even has a place to sit down and look things over. If he continues to use EOs like Obummer did (where are your posts about that? Might have missed them) than I will not be thrilled either, but until then, let the man have his head until he can even get a good look at what he is looking at from the inside.
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    Our 'way of life' has been a fiction fed to the masses since the 1930's. The last 8 yrs it was made more public but its been going on a long time. Trump aint gonna fix 76 years of subterfuge, lies, and scams in 4 or even 8 years.
  16. Thunder5Ranch

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    Thus far the EOs have been in line with how EOs were meant to work. Even the so called Muslim Ban was well within Executive Authority. The 9th District is in the wrong as they so often are, on that one. Hopefully that will be heard by the SCOTUS though.
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  17. ghrit

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    Yep, they are a tad squirrelly. But whatever the arguments were, the appeals court supported it.
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    That's actually a very frightening thing, because, and I do have a background in law, there is literally no serious question the EO is within the scope of the executive. Hopefully, the SC bats it down and smacks the judges around. 9th Circuit's Opinion Is Wrong, But Its Impact Is Limited So much for lifetime appointment limiting political impact on judges.
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    "Can the President really change his dirty underwear in public like that?"
    "Did the President just say what I think he said?"
    "Like, OMG...that's so not supposed to be legal. Like, totally uncon...unconst....against the paper thingy."

    All smoke and mirrors, folks.

    USCA Title 12, Section 95(b) is the empowering Act by Congress which pertains directly to the Emergency declared by FDR on March 6, 1933 and the Bank Holiday, which grants the private banks authority to conduct banking business within the United States under the Emergency of War Powers. The fact that the private banks are still operating is proof the emergency (and the dictatorship created by Congress) still exists.
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